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Office of Graduate Education

Grad school is an investment that pays dividends!

We realize you’ll be investing time, money, emotions… and sometimes sleep.
We’re here to help you thrive!


Please find links to the degrees we offer, forms & deadlines for current students, apply page with application checklists and supplemental applications, graduate research courses and the College of Education’s Graduate Certificate offerings.

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Athletic Training

Note: This is a five-year professional program that results in a B.S. in Sports Medicine and a Master’s in Athletic Training.
The ENTIRE 5 years must be completed at WSU. All vital details about this and other program requirements can be found in the program overview.

Program OverviewA program that produces results!

Our five-year program just makes sense! Employment of athletic trainers is projected to grow 22.8 percent. These practitioners work in a variety of settings. And whether it’s on the field, pitch, or court, or somewhere like a hospital or physical therapy setting, our students are well prepared to fill these roles.

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Program Advantages

Unique 5-year program that results in a bachelors and masters degree, including three years of clinical experience. Our program sets itself apart in many other ways as well.

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Student highlights

We have the best students. We’re proud of the work they do right now as students and interns, and the impact they’ll make after graduation. We’ll share them here.

Meet them


Meet our faculty

We provide the best faculty for the best students. They not only have field experience, and know current best practice, they are researching the NEXT best practice.

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Program Assessment and Accreditation


Welcome to the Office of Assessment and Program Evaluation. This office endeavors to support the vision of the college to advance knowledge through scholarly and applied research, develop/prepare globally-aware and competent students, teachers, leaders, educators and scholars.


The College of Education has years of students and academic programs’ data compiled by the Office of Institutional Research. The information is used for different purposes, both internally and externally. If you would like more information about the College of Education data, please contact: Tolulope Adesope @

More info
Title II institutional reports
Washington Association of Colleges and Teacher Education – WACTE
Professional Educator Standard Board – PESB
Statement on Licensure and Certification
Athletic Training licensure

Athletic Training has a uniform national exam and graduates are able to obtain any additional requirements for state licensure after graduation.

Educator licensure

Teacher Education; Educational Leadership (Principal; Superintendent; Program Administrator)

Educator licensure is governed at the state level. Candidates who complete Washington State University’s state approved preparation programs for teachers and administrators will be recommended to the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) for licensure. Information regarding reciprocity and what states will accept Washington’s certificates can be found online: or

Educators should be aware that each state has specific requirements that they may be required to complete for full licensure. Most often, this is specific testing. Since WSU’s programs are state approved, the state they are moving to will usually give the candidate 1-3 years to meet any outstanding requirements required by the new state.

American Samoa

The American Samoa Department of Education requires prospective educators to complete an American Samoa approved program. Prospective educators may not complete a program that is out-of-state. In addition, educators may not transfer a license from another state using any pathway. For this reason, XXX University’s programs do not meet any of the educational prerequisites for licensure in the field of education in American Samoa. Those interested in teaching within American Samoa should visit their Department of Education website (

Northern Mariana Islands

Obtaining educator licensure within the Commonwealth of The Northern Mariana Islands is only possible through reciprocity, meaning a candidate must receive a separate state/territory license before applying for licensure in the desired jurisdiction. Due to Covid-19, the licensure office in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands has posted a notice that it will not be processing any licenses while the office is closed due to the pandemic. The notice indicates that the duration of that closure may be through April 2021.

U.S. Virgin Islands

The U.S. Virgin Islands’ specific requirements for educator licensure can be found here:

Program Accreditation

Program review and accreditation by state and national bodies ensure that WSU College of Education academic programs

maintain the highest quality and conform to the best professional standards.

The graduate and undergraduate programs in teacher education and administrator preparation are reviewed and approved

by the Washington Professional Educator Standards Board.

The doctoral program in counseling psychology is one of approximately 75 such programs nationally to be accredited by the

American Psychology Association.

The program in athletic training education is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs.

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) with Counseling Psychology Specialization



Teacher Education among 16 undergraduate programs recognized for useful and sustained assessment that supports quality

undergraduate education at Washington State University.

Celebration of Assessment Excellence
2017 Event Program
2019 Event Program
ACE – Office of Assessment for Curricular Effectiveness
Graduate School

Undergraduate Programs


Change a child’s life through learning. Roam the sidelines of a major sporting event. Help an athlete get back on the field.

All our programs have a good mix of classroom hours and practical experience through practicum or internship. In class you learn how to bring 21st century solutions to 21st century issues. Then, you get out in the field and you make a difference.

No matter what major you choose — or which WSU campus you call home — you will emerge ready to hit the ground running in the world of education, kinesiology, or sport. Our graduates make a difference in the communities where they serve.




Athletic trainers specialize in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries and medical illnesses.  They also develop and implement rehabilitation program for injured patients.  Athletic trainers are usually one of the first healthcare providers on the scene when injuries occur on the field.  They also work in healthcare facilities, including physician offices, industrial clinics and in hospitals.  WSU’s athletic training program has been accredited since 1974 by the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education.  The 5 year professional program includes a Bachelor of Science in Sports Medicine and Master of Athletic Training, along with a minimum of 2,000+ hours of clinical education.  This program provides opportunities to gain experiences with Division- I Athletics in the training facilities of a Pac-12 athletic institution, along with local high schools, physical therapy clinics, general medical clinics and other collegiate facilities.

Program requirements
For the major

Student Club
For information about the Athletic Training Club, contact Scott Landis.

Available on the following campuses

SPORT MANAGEMENT (major and minor)

A degree in sport management provides students with essential theoretical and empirical knowledge, professional skills, learning experiences, and academic support needed to succeed in this professional field. Faculty share their knowledge in management, marketing, communication, finance, law and other fields, and unpack for students how they apply to sport. Coursework in business administration and communication enriches students’ knowledge and experience. The curriculum includes 180 hours of practicum experience, and a final internship places students in the field to prepare them for careers within the sport and recreation industry.

This degree prepares students to be leaders in a dynamic and rapidly changing industry. Graduates pursue careers in professional sport, intercollegiate athletics, campus and community recreation, private organizations and facilities, and other areas still. Professional placements include positions in management, marketing, fundraising, sales, communication, equipment and operations management, recreation programs, and other areas still.

Program requirements
For the major

For the minor

Student Club
Sport Management Club

Available on the following campuses


The kinesiology degree allows students to generate, interpret, disseminate, and apply kinesiology discipline knowledge across a variety of contexts in order to enhance health, productivity, and quality of life. Coursework includes anatomy, philosophy, psychology, physiology, biomechanics, and motor development and control. The curriculum provides practical, hands-on opportunities for students to work with diverse populations, through practicum and internship. Students have enhanced learning opportunities with access to world-class research labs and innovative teaching methods. Students gain skills and knowledge that can be applied to a wide range of professional positions, certifications, and post-graduate work associated with kinesiology.

Graduates have gone on to work in recreation and sport programs for youth, senior citizens, and other special populations, as well as with corporate health, health clubs, clinical and industrial health care, and wellness programs. Graduates are also well prepared for advanced education leading to physical therapy, occupational therapy, coaching, medicine, or other kinesiology sub-disciplines.

Program requirements
For the major

Available on the following campuses


The mission of the Strength and Conditioning Minor is to give students invaluable hands-on experience to expand their knowledge in the field of athletic performance enhancement.

Program requirements
For the minor

Available on the following campuses

TEACHER EDUCATION (Elementary and Secondary)

Our curriculum will give you the best start possible to being an effective K-12 teacher. Successful completion of our teacher education program leads to Washington teacher certification. We give our students the chance for supervised classroom experience through 200 hours of practicums and a full semester of student teaching. We facilitate access to classroom teaching opportunities in every region of Washington, as well as in English-speaking schools overseas. We maintain strong professional connections through professors who collaborate with more than 130 school districts.

Students who plan to teach in grades K-8 will pursue an endorsement in elementary education. Students who plan to teach specific subjects (such as high school history or music), will complete a major in that area of expertise, and will choose the teacher preparation option. Want to change the world? Be a teacher!

Program requirements
For the elementary education major

For secondary education majors (this list includes teacher education coursework only – please contact an advisor in your subject area for those course requirements)

Student Clubs
Alhadeff Future Teachers of Color Program
Kappa Delta Pi (KDP)
Student Washington Education Association

Available on the following campuses
Pullman • Tri-Cities • Vancouver


Available on the following campuses

Contact us

Office of Undergraduate Student Services
316 Education Addition and Smith Gym 112
PO Box 642114
Pullman, WA 99164
(509) 335-4855


Helpful Info




Department of Teaching and Learning

Welcome to the
Department of
Teaching & Learning

Tariq Akmal

Tariq Akmal

Tariq Akmal

Tariq Akmal

A message from our chair, Dr. Tariq Akmal

Teaching can be one of the most rewarding careers a person can have. Indeed, many – if not most – teachers don’t merely consider it a career, but a calling. A calling that can positively change lives.

Our job is to take that passion and help refine it. It’s a preparation process we know works. It’s one that focuses on advancing knowledge and ethical practice in the education field.

We do all this through collaboration with other universities, schools, families, and local, regional and global communities. We do it in a manner that reflects the ideals of democracy, social justice, and ecological sustainability. We do it in a manner consistent with our mission as a land-grant university.

The research of our faculty contributes knowledge to our undergraduate and graduate programs and to the field of education in general. Our programs rely heavily on this research, and the close connections we maintain with classroom teachers and other practitioners can’t be matched. We stress active engagement, critical problem-solving, and equity/fairness for all learners.

When our students complete their course work, we expect them to have certain skills, abilities, and knowledge. We call these learning outcomes.

We are proud of our programs and would welcome the opportunity to discuss them more fully with you. Please consider visiting one or more of our campuses. Meet with faculty and student services staff to determine if one of our programs matches your educational and career goals. For more information on teacher certification, please e-mail us at

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Assistantships

The College of Education offers a limited number of teaching and/or research assistantships to graduate students each year. Assistantships are generally allocated for two years for masters students, and three years for doctoral students pending performance and appropriate funding. Assistantships are awarded for the academic year only, although summer assistantships are occasionally available. Additional research assistantships, funded by specific research projects, may also be available.

Students who desire an assistantship should complete an application and submit it along with their departmental application when seeking admission to the Graduate School. Students who are awarded an assistantship must be involved in full-time study. Full-time study is defined as a minimum of 10 semester hours during the spring or fall term, and three semester hours during the summer session. Generally, students may not hold other employment in or outside the university while holding an assistantship. The amount of time involved in assistantship responsibilities will vary. However, all are contractual agreements between the student and the academic department. The specific agreement will include a description of the time and responsibilities required.

The Office of Graduate Studies provides application information, record-keeping, and program assistance for prospective students and current students in all the College of Education graduate degree programs. The office is located in Cleveland Hall, room 252, on the Pullman campus.

To contact the coordinator, email
Cleveland Hall
Room 252
PO Box 642114
Pullman WA 99164-2114
(509) 335-7016 or 335-9195

GAship Applications


Image of Application

Employment Opportunities

Faculty, student, and staff employees work for the Washington State University College of Education at the Pullman campus as well as the campuses at Tri-Cities, Spokane, and Vancouver.

Work for a world-class research institution. Whether you like a small-town collegial environment, or the amenties of a city, you may find a personal and academic home on one of our campuses, in one of our communities.

Graduate Advisor/Instructor Student Positions  

The WSU ROAR Graduate Advisor/Instructor Assistantship, under the direction of the WSU ROAR program director, is responsible for coordinating activities, advising and providing support related to vocational skills, career guidance, social skills, life skills, and community involvement for WSU ROAR students. Spring 2022. Please contact for more information.


Visit WSU’s job listings

Faculty/Staff Awards


Excellence Awards


Tom Salsbury – Faculty Excellence in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Shenghai Dai – Faculty Excellence in Research
Jane Kelley – Faculty Excellence in Service
Jessica Masterson – Faculty Excellence in Teaching
Angie Hammond – Staff Excellence in Service
Genna Kieper – Staff Excellence in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

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Kasee Hildenbrand – Faculty Excellence in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Kira Carbonneau – Faculty Excellence in Research
Lori White – Faculty Excellence in Service
Shannon Calderone – Faculty Excellence in Teaching
Julie Killinger – Staff Excellence in Service
Marie Tucker – Staff Excellence in Service



Ann Cox – Faculty Excellence in Research
Joy Egbert – Faculty Excellence in Teaching
Judy Schultz – Faculty Excellence in Teaching
Francene Watson – Faculty Excellence in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Jennifer Gallagher – Staff Excellence in Service
Darryl Craig – Staff Excellence in Service

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Tammy Crawford – Faculty Excellence in Teaching
Kim Holmstrom – Faculty Excellence in Service
Sara Ullrich-French – Faculty Excellence in Research
Eric Johnson – Faculty Excellence in Diversity
Darcy Miller – Meritorious Service
Cedric Price – Staff Excellence in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Ashley Herridge – Staff Excellence in Service


Kelly McGovern – Staff Excellence
Lindsay Lightner – Staff Excellence
Katherine Rodela – Faculty Excellence in Diversity
Kristin Courtney – Faculty Excellence in Teaching
Yuliya Ardasheva – Faculty Excellence in Research
Judy Schultz – Faculty Excellence in Service
Chris Sodorff – Meritorious Service


Pam Bettis – Faculty Excellence in Diversity
Kira Carbonneau – Faculty Excellence in Teaching
Brenda Barrio – Faculty Excellence in Research
Tom Salsbury – Faculty Excellence in Service
Matthew Vaughn – Staff Excellence


Paula Groves Price – Faculty Excellence in Diversity
Katy Pietz – Faculty Excellence in Teaching
Kelly Ward – Faculty Excellence in Research
Jonah Firestone – Faculty Excellence in Service
Bev Rhoades – Staff Excellence


Sarah Newcomer – Faculty Excellence in Teaching
Rich Lamb – Faculty Excellence in Research
Gordon Gates – Faculty Excellence in Service
Kelly LaGrutta – Staff Excellence


Kasee Hildenbrand – Faculty Excellence in Teaching
Brian French – Faculty Excellence in Research
Sara Petersen – Faculty Excellence in Service
Debra Barnett – Staff Excellence


Phillip Morgan – Faculty Excellence in Teaching
Gisela Ernst-Slavit – Faculty Excellence in Diversity
Sola Adesope – Faculty Excellence in Research
June Canty – Faculty Excellence in Service
Jeanne Therrien – Staff Excellence


Paul Mencke – Faculty Excellence in Teaching
Susan Banks – Faculty Excellence in Diversity
Amy Roth McDuffie – Faculty Excellence in Research
Stacy Mohondro – Staff Excellence


Susan Finley – Faculty Excellence in Research
Debra Pastore – Faculty Excellence in Service
Barbara Ward – Faculty Excellence in Teaching
Nedra Murray – Staff Excellence


Eric Johnson – Faculty Excellence in Teaching
Maria Moscatelli – Faculty Excellence in Service
Heidi Ritter – Staff Excellence


Laurie ‘Lali’ McCubbin – Faculty Excellence in Diversity
David Slavit – Faculty Excellence in Research
Steve Price and Karen O’Keefe – Staff Excellence


Susan Finley – Faculty Excellence in Service
Kim Holapa – Staff Excellence
Michael Pavel – Faculty Excellence in Teaching


Joy Egbert – Faculty Excellence in Research
Krenny Hammer – Staff Excellence
Michael Pavel – Faculty Excellence in Diversity


Staci Bickelhaupt – Staff Excellence
Mary F. Roe – Faculty Excellence in Service
Kelly Ward – Faculty Excellence in Teaching


Ruby Latham – Staff Excellence
Brian W. McNeill – Faculty Award for Excellence in Diversity
David A. Gruenewald – Faculty Award for Excellence in Research


Linda Holloway – Faculty Excellence Award for Teaching
Cathy Claussen – Faculty Excellence Award for Service
Helen Berry – Staff Excellence Award
Ed Helmstetter – Meritorious Faculty Award


Tim Church – Faculty Excellence in Diversity
Mike Trevisan – Faculty Excellence in Research
Donna Kallaher – Staff Excellence


Amy Roth McDuffie – Faculty Excellence in Teaching
Michael Pavel – Faculty Excellence in Research
Stephanie Bauman – Faculty Excellence in Service
Lynn Buckley – Staff Excellence


Terrell Young – Faculty Excellence in Teaching
Gisela Ernst-Slavit – Faculty Excellence in Research
Susan Banks – Faculty Excellence in Service
Bill London – Staff Excellence


Lynda Hatch – Faculty Excellence in Teaching
Mimi Wolverton – Faculty Excellence in Research
Dawn Shinew – Faculty Excellence in Service
Jerry Maring – Faculty Excellence in Service
Tariq Akmal – Faculty Excellence in Service
Merrill Oaks – Faculty Excellence in Service
Michael Pavel – Faculty Excellence in Service
Barbara Smith – Staff Excellence


Sally Blank – Faculty Excellence in Teaching
Gail Furman – Faculty Excellence in Research
Michael Trevisan – Faculty Excellence in Service
Helen Leguis – Staff Excellence


Arreed Barabasz – Faculty Excellence in Teaching
Forrest Parkay – Faculty Excellence in Research
Darcy Miller – Faculty Excellence in Service
Sue Durrant – Faculty Meritorious Award
Stacy Mohondro – Staff Excellence


Joanne Washburn – Faculty Excellence in Teaching
Dennis Warner – Faculty Excellence in Research
Edwin Helmstetter – Faculty Excellence in Service
Linda Chaplin – Staff Excellence


Marilyn Mowatt – Faculty Excellence in Teaching
Marianne Barabasz – Faculty Excellence in Research
Dennis Warner – Faculty Excellence in Service
Juanita Fewkes – Staff Excellence


Thomas Ruff – Faculty Excellence in Teaching
Tim Church – Faculty Excellence in Research
Chris Sodorff – Faculty Excellence in Service
Sherry Vaughan – Faculty Meritorious Award


Deanne McCullough – Faculty Excellence in Teaching
Charles Peck – Faculty Excellence in Research


Mary Henry – Teaching
Arreed Barabasz – Research
Donald Reed – Service


Grazyna G. Goc-Karp – Teaching
Walter H. Gmelch – Research
Toshio Akamine – Service

Info and Nomination Forms

Here is the current procedure for each:

Faculty Excellence Awards

Staff Excellence Awards

Student ambassadors

The Cream of the Crop!

We love all our students. But these are the ones who constantly share information about us with prospective and current students. Whether it’s an award, great research, or fun event, they are our mouthpiece!

Future Teachers of Color

[Coming Soon]


Andrew Debowes

Brooke Munyon

Jaelynn Ramsay

Roman Romanyuk

Ben Tyler