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Washington State University
College of Education

Department of Educational Leadership and Sport Management

Welcome to the ELSM Department

Sharon Kruse

Programs that are part of this department

Sport Management

Educational Leadership*

Sport Management*

* Denotes graduate-level program

A message from our chair, Sharon Kruse

High quality leadership and management matters.

Leadership and management matter because when leadership and management is done right organizations thrive and the people who work within them feel a sense of purpose and pride in being part of that effort.

In the Department of Educational Leadership and Sport Management we provide our students the necessary knowledge and skills so that they are well prepared for the world beyond the classroom and university and are able to become great principals, superintendents, and leaders in private and public organizations in the fields of sport, leisure and recreation. Our faculty is committed to providing engaging classroom experiences that ready students for the challenges of the schools and sport organizations. In each program, students will complete an internship and/or a research project that allows them to experience the workplace and apply the knowledge and skills addressed within the program. We’re proud that our graduates can been found working in school districts across the state as well as employed by national, regional, and local sports teams and organizations. No matter the venue, our graduates succeed at what they set out to do.

The department offers degree granting baccalaureate and masters programs in sport management and certification, masters, and doctoral programs in educational leadership.

Please reach out to one of our excellent advising staff or one of our faculty to learn more about what the Department of Educational Leadership and Sport Management has to offer you!