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Washington State University
College of Education

Curriculum and Instruction


M.A. and Ed.M.

The curriculum and instruction specialization offers graduate study at the master’s degree level.  The specialization offers students rigorous and individually tailored programs of study.  The M.A. and Ed.M. degree programs are designed for students with bachelor degrees who have an interest in deepening their knowledge in a specific content area (in or outside the College of Education) as well as educational research in curriculum and instruction.  The specialization emphasizes applying research, theory, and evidence-based practices to improve education and is designed especially for secondary teachers who wish to take courses in their teaching field as well as advanced coursework in teaching and learning including two research courses.

Learning Outcomes

  • Locate, analyze, and synthesize research literature, and apply that synthesis to problems of practice.
  • Effectively communicate scholarly work through written, oral, or alternative formats.
  • Develop scholarly habits of curiosity, inquiry, skepticism, and data-based decision making.
  • Express value of diversity and demonstrate this value in pedagogical and inquiry endeavors.