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Washington State University
College of Education

January 2013

A service for faculty: Help with grant writing, article submission

By Laura Girardeau
Faculty Research Development Coordinator

Laura Girardeau

I would like to extend a warm welcome to new College of Education faculty at all campuses of Washington State University. You — and even some not-so-newcomers — may be surprised to learn that our college offers support for all faculty members who are seeking and writing grants or submitting journal articles. I am fortunate to be able to provide this service, which is relatively rare at institutions like ours.

I’m here to help you find appropriate grants for your research interests, network with collaborators, coach you in the writing process, and offer suggestions on drafts and final submissions. Most faculty are excellent writers when it comes to academic writing style, but many don’t realize that grant writing style can differ significantly. Therefore, coaching during the grant writing process can make the difference between a winning proposal and the usual “practice” proposal.

In January, 2013, when Mike Trevisan took the position of interim dean, I offered to take over a service that he previously provided: journal manuscript review. I would like to use my experience co-authoring articles at the University of Hawaii and editing faculty and graduate manuscripts at WSU’s Graduate & Professional Writing Center to give you thoughtful, encouraging support on your drafts.

We can work together online, so you can save time by emailing me your article manuscripts and grant proposal drafts at any stage in the writing process.

The ball is in your court, and any changes are up to you. I look forward to hearing from you at, or 509- 335-6232. Happy writing!

Application tips from our scholarship guru

Amy Cox, development program coordinator
Amy Cox

Washington State University students who are flush with cash: You can ignore this. But if the jingle of scholarship money would be music to your ears, be sure to read this advice from guest blogger Amy Cox, WSU College of Education development coordinator.


The College of Education awarded 91 undergraduate and 53 graduate scholarships for the 2012/2013 academic year across our four campuses.  I encourage all graduate students and certified undergraduates to apply for the upcoming academic year.  The scholarship application deadline is January 31 and the financial aid deadline is February 15.

All undergraduate and graduate Students must apply online for scholarships through WSU Scholarship Services.

You can complete the scholarship application over multiple sessions. So take your time, think about your answers and complete each question. The College of Education will use this information in creating its lists of potential award recipients.

Please note, there are a few College of Education majors that are not on the list of chosen majors, including counseling psychology.  If you cannot find your major, choose the closest one for Major No. 1 and education for Major No. 2.

Please pay close attention to the following question: Leadership, responsibility, contribution to community and family, and co-curricular involvement are important at Washington State University.  Please prioritize your top four experiences in these areas over the last three years. This is the section on the application for you to input any employment, volunteer work and club memberships.  In this section, please be sure to list any/all college and/or club involvement within WSU.

We’re proud of our student researchers. So be sure to complete the following request as your answer will be considered by College of Education scholarship application reviewers: Participation in research and creative projects is important for undergraduate and graduate students at Washington State University. Please list your participation in research or creative projects, laboratories, hospitals and clinics. Include work done at other institutions.

Also, pay close attention and answer all essay questions when completing your application.  The essays answers are read and scored by members of the College of Education faculty.  These weighted scores are used by the Scholarship Committee when making yearly scholarship awards.

All College of Education scholarships have criteria, such as the student’s field of study, that must be considered at the request of our generous donors. A common requirement is financial need. The Scholarship Committee determines that need on an EFC (expected family contribution) score, which you receive after completing the FAFSA application. I highly recommend completing that online form so that you will be considered for those scholarships.

For more information on applying for scholarships, click here; or check out the frequently asked questions.

If you have any additional questions, contact me at 509-335-7843 or Good luck!