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Washington State University
College of Education

Bruya-Wood Winners

FALL 2022

Faculty Judge Awards
Grand Prize for Outstanding Work: $300 Scholarship: Hayley Quist for “The Importance of Muscle Tone in Young Adults with Down Syndrome
      • Outstanding Presentation:  Keely Perkin for “The Importance of Moderate-Intensity Aerobic Exercise on Postpartum Depression”
      • Outstanding Presentation: Andrew DeBowes & Jaelynn Ramsay for “The effect of Blood Flow Restriction on ACLR Recovery”
      • Dr. Judy Schultz Award for Outstanding Critical Thinking: Emilie Ellifritz for “Mindfulness based physical activity as an adjunct treatment for binge eating disorder ”
      • Dr. Judy Schultz Award for Outstanding Critical Thinking: Molly O’Brien for “Aerobic Exercise to Improve Sleep Disturbance in Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease ”
      • Dr. Judy Schultz Award for Outstanding Critical Thinking: Chris Reed for “Workplace Wellness Programs Effects on Weight and Cardiovascular Disease”
Peer Recognition
        • Most Creative Topic:  Ashley Schumacher for “Aerobic exercise as a unique treatment for the comorbidity of depression and insomnia”
        • Best Presentation: Roman Romanyuk for “From Virtual to Reality: Using Simulations to Reduce Motor Control Loss in Individuals with Multiple Sclerosis”
        • Best Presentation: Monze Gonzalez & Alexis Reyes for “Rehabilitation Outcomes of Blood Flow Restriction Training for Individuals with Post Operative ACLR Surgery”
        • Most Innovative Poster Design: Madison Mcglasson & Jake Wright for “The Effects of Resistance Training on Muscular Strength in individuals with Parkinson’s Disease “


Faculty Judge Awards
Grand Prize for Outstanding Work: $300 Scholarship: Kazuki Kurosawa for “Utilizing exercise to improve physical function and quality of life in patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
      • Outstanding Presentation:  Madison Thorng for “Creating Safe Exercise Prescriptions to Improve Quality of Life in Patients with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus”
      • Outstanding Presentation: Gabrielle Record & Sierra McCann- Morgan for “Can strength training be used to prevent ACL tears in women?”
      • Dr. Judy Schultz Award for Outstanding Critical Thinking: Cate Field & Corinne Pelzer for “Diagnosability and Dangers of the Female Athlete Triad ”
      • Dr. Judy Schultz Award for Outstanding Critical Thinking: Analisa Cederberg for “Delaying the Development and Onset of Alzheimer’s Disease through Aerobic Exercise ”
Student Judge Awards
        • Most Creative Topic:  Jordann Hofstrand for “The Benefits of Including Exercise in a Smoking Cessation Program”
        • Most Creative Topic: Haley Balestreri & Brooke Kuebler for “Tart Cherry Supplementation on Oxidative Stress/Inflammation”
        • Best Presentation: Megan Sullivan for “Optimal Exercise Programming for Down Syndrome”
        • Best Presentation: Joseph Clavenna & Mikaela Kirton for “Influence of footwear on performance during barbell back squat”
        • Most Innovative Poster Design: Diana Voros Molina for “Using Mindfulness-Based Exercises to Improve the Quality of Life with Anxiety Disorders “

FALL 2021

Faculty Judge Awards
Grand Prize for Outstanding Work: $300 Scholarship: Shekinah Prewett for “Exercise to Improve Quality of Life after Amputation
      • Outstanding Presentation:  Jason Dhillon & Kris Frichithavong for “Resistance Training for Balance in Older Adults”
      • Outstanding Presentation: Margaret Montgomery & Madeleine Pollard for “Strategies to Minimize Exercise Induced Immune Suppression ”
      • Outstanding Presentation: Anthony Atchity for “Imbalances in Cytokine Expression Facilitate the Progression of Osteoarthritis (OA)”
      • Outstanding Presentation: Hailey Bruce for “Quality of Life Improves with Exercise in Alzheimer’s Patients”
      • Outstanding Critical Thinking: Corlyn Estelle for “Exercise as an Adjunct Treatment for Substance Use Disorder”
      • Outstanding Critical Thinking: Mary Fletcher & Kyle Sparks for “The Effects of Cow’s Milk on Recovery in Resistance and High Intensity Exercise”
      • Outstanding Critical Thinking: Sierra Olsen for “Exercise Interventions to Mitigate Gestational Diabetes Mellitus”
      • Outstanding Critical Thinking: Shelby Tamboer & Leah Videen for “The Impact of Resistance Training on Sarcopenia in Women Ages 65 and Older”
Student Judge Awards
        • Most Creative Topic: Connor Curtiss & Deandre Matanane for “French Contrast Training and its Effects on Strength and Power Development in Athletes”
        • Most Creative Topic: Oliver Werner for “Aquatic Vs. Land-Based Outcomes on Cardiovascular Disease”
        • Best Presentation: Andre Calvo & Hannah Kroll for “Rehabilitation and Nutrition Intervention following ACL Reconstruction”
        • Most Innovative Poster Design: Emily Barnhart & Roman Romanyuk for “Effects of Exercise Training on the Biomarkers in Individuals with Multiple Sclerosis”
        • Most Innovative Poster Design: Morgan Britton for “Exercise Methods to Combat Common Concerns of Fibromyalgia”


Faculty Judge Awards
Grand Prize for Outstanding Work: $300 Scholarship: Hailey Bruce & Abigail Smith for “The Effects of Physical Exercise on Cognition for Stroke and TBI Patients
      • Outstanding PresentationCurtis Fletcher for “Those That Fight PTSD Can Now Fight Together A VR Treatment ”
      • Outstanding Presentation: Alex Cannon for “Investigating the Combined Effects of Therapeutic Exercise and TENS Application on Fibromyalgia Symptoms ”
      • Outstanding Presentation: Garrett Bodeau & Daniel Mars for “The Effects of Exercise on Depression”
      • Outstanding Critical Thinking: Meghan Spears & Jordyn Vannini for “Nutritional Guidelines for Optimal Endurance Exercise Recovery”
      • Outstanding Critical Thinking: Molly Weiland for “Benefits of Aquatic Therapy for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder”
      • Outstanding Critical Thinking: Morgan Britton & Dawson Clark for “The Effects of Beta-Alanine Supplementation on Exercise Performance”
      • Outstanding Critical Thinking: Isabella Mansley for “Exercise Integrated with Dialysis Improves Quality of Life in End-Stage Renal Disease”
Student Judge Awards
        • Most Creative Topic: Andrew Do for “Aquatic Exercise: Is Weightbearing Necessary to Benefit Osteoporosis”
        • Most Creative Topic: Katie Lukes & Keira McDonnell for “Recognition and Screening of the Female Athlete Triad: How can we improve?”
        • Most Creative Topic: Taylr Judkins for “Sexual Assault Survivors: Empowerment Through Exercise”
        • Best Presentation: Isabella Gore & Sierra Hedding for “Neuromuscular Fatigue in Ultra-Endurance Athletes”
        • Best Presentation: Pia Richards for “Optimal Running Program for Master’s Endurance Athletes’ Bone Density”
        • Best Presentation: Kate Perkins, & Kyauna Southam for “HIIT Training and its Effects on Cardiorespiratory Health”
        • Best Presentation: Daniel Chavez for “Integrating Aerobic and Resistance Exercise in Individuals With Acute Leukemia Undergoing Chemotherapy”
        • Best Presentation: Alyssa Fisk for “Exercise Vs. Depression in Breast Cancer Survivors”
        • Most Innovative Poster Design: Giulianna Casanova for “The Influence of Exercise on Increasing Quality of Life in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus”
        • Most Innovative Poster Design: Katie Lukes for “Hypercoagulability in Elite Female Athletes: The Impact of High Intensity Exercise and Oral Contraceptives.”
        • Most Innovative Poster Design: Caroline Silberglitt & Estela Tetitla for “Plant-Based Diet vs. Aerobic Exercise on Coronary Artery Disease”

Fall 2020

Faculty Judge Awards
Grand Prize for Outstanding Work: $300 Scholarship: Arianna Olson & Olivia Shafer for “How the Brain Responds to Idiopathic Scoliosis”
      • Outstanding Presentation: Haylee Reynolds & Anne Spellman for “Hemoglobin Production and Utilization from Different Methods of Altitude Training ”
      • Outstanding Presentation: Alyssa Beck for “Adults with Down Syndrome: Enhancing Independence in Daily Life Through Exercise ”
      • Outstanding Presentation: Mikayla Wood for “The Power of Peers: Using Social Engagement to Facilitate Exercise Adherence for Youth with Down Syndrome ”
      • Outstanding Critical Thinking: Taylr Judkins & Melinda Vargas for “Effects of Aerobic Exercise on Individuals with Post Concussion Syndrome”
      • Outstanding Critical Thinking: MaKenzie Druffel for “Activity Preserves Independence in Individuals With Dystrophinopathies”
      • Outstanding Critical Thinking: Mikayla Kinsey & Joshua Lopez for “The Effect of Acute Exercise on Peripheral Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor Concentrations”
Student Judge Awards
        • Most Creative Topic: Julian Buyas for “Exercise to Improve Metabolic Demands of ADLs in Amputees”
        • Most Creative Topic: Erica Buell for “Advancements Among Exercise and Hippocampal Volume in Individuals With Alzheimer’s Disease”
        • Most Creative Topic: Makenna McVey for “Mindfulness Based Exercise and PTSD In Adults”
        • Best Presentation: Lindsey Carpenter for “Efficacy of Resistance Training on Quality of Life During Pregnancy”
        • Best Presentation: Ellie Furneisen for “Valid Techniques for Assessment of Cardiovascular Fitness in Trans-Femoral Amputees”
        • Best Presentation: Xavier Xaybanha for “Resistance Training to Aid in Stroke Recovery”
        • Most Innovative Poster Design: Abigail Culver for “Strengthening Body Image Through Physical Activity in Youth with Obesity”
        • Most Innovative Poster Design: Elly Salamanca for “PCOS, Quality of Life and Exercise: Optimal Design For Success”
        • Most Innovative Poster Design: Hannah Kohr for “Improving Dementia Symptoms by Combining Cognitive Training and Exercise”
        • Most Innovative Poster Design: Charlee Meridth for “Staying Active While Decreasing Low Back Pain; Nordic Pole Walking”

Spring 2020

Faculty Judge Awards
Grand Prize for Outstanding Work: $300 Scholarship: Ryan Joiner for “Exercise Intolerance in Glycogen Storage Diseases”
      • Outstanding Presentation: Josh Free & Noah Thomas for “Exercise Induced Bronchoconstriction’s Response to Different Dietary Modifications ”
      • Outstanding Presentation: Ellie King for “Aerobic Exercise Maintains Cognition in Alzheimer’s Disease ”
      • Outstanding Critical Thinking: Pia Richards & James Scott for “Effects of Different Types and Amounts of Carbohydrate Supplementation on Muscular Endurance Based Exercise Performance ”
      • Outstanding Critical Thinking: Kayla Armstrong for “ Resistance Training After Breast Cancer Surgery: Helpful or Harmful? ”
Student Judge Awards
        • Most Creative Topic: Madison Rubright & Mikayla Wood for “The Impact of Exercise on Cerebral Perfusion with Aging”
        • Most Creative Topic: Grace Cayo & Bailey Kowalski for “Academic and Social Benefits of Aerobic Exercise for Children with ADHD”
        • Best Presentation: Anna Pannebianco for “Implications Of Technology-Based Exercise Interventions In Patients With Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy
        • Best Presentation: Troy Holloway-Beach & Kona Bertolino for “Effects of Acute Exercise on the Immune System”
        • Most Innovative Poster Design: Priscilla Piechura for “Exercise for Cognitive Changes in Women undergoing Breast Cance”
        • Most Innovative Poster Design: Beautiful Reed for “Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction on Regulating Cortisol in PTSD”

Fall 2019

Faculty Judge Awards
Grand Prize for Outstanding Work: $300 Scholarship: Shweta Mohan for “Epilepsy & ADHD Links in GABA Neurotransmitters with Exercise”
      • Outstanding Presentation: Kayla Armstrong & Alexa Dannels for “The Effect of Intermittent Fasting on Metabolic Disease ”
      • Outstanding Presentation: Melissa Ward for “The Impact of Exercise on Intraocular Pressure: What it May Mean for Glaucoma Patients ”
      • Outstanding Critical Thinking: Keagan Brown & Bryant Sutton for “Effects of Protein Supplements on Muscular Adaptations and Exercise Performance in Healthy Adults ”
      • Outstanding Critical Thinking: Bobbi Hanson for “ Childhood Obesity and ACES, a Juvenile Epidemic ”
      • Outstanding Critical Thinking: Donnie Hofstrand for “The Effects of Exercise on Executive Function in Children with ADHD ”
Student Judge Awards
        • Most Creative Topic: David Cruz & Curtis Donahoo for “Exercise as a Treatment for Alcohol Abuse Disorders”
        • Most Creative Topic: Jonny Bopp for “Deadlifting For Non-Specific Low Back Pain”
        • Best Presentation: Ty Crisostomo & Peter Dalit for “Nutrient Timing Strategies for Improved Performance”
        • Best Presentation: Samantha Cummings for “Reducing the Threat of Postpartum Depression Through Exercise”
        • Most Innovative Poster Design: Kelsey Dwyer for “The Benefits of Virtual Reality Exercise for Parkinson’s Disease”
        • Most Innovative Poster Design: Claire Dimock & Kayla Gonzalez for “Effect of Combined Manual Therapy and Exercise to Treat Neck Pain”
        • Best Professional Attire: Justin Harrer for “The effects of Aquatic Intervention on Individuals with Neurological Disorders”
        • Best Professional Attire: Owen Leonard for “Regular Exercise to Improve Quality of Life for Individuals with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy”

Spring 2019

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Faculty Judge Awards
Grand Prize for Outstanding Work: $300 Scholarship: Bryce Richard for “Leveling the Playing Field: Exercise to Increase Executive Functioning in Adolescents with ADHD”
      • Outstanding Presentation: Alexa Erickson & Allison Thurston for “Effects of Yoga on Elderly Patients with Mild Cognitive Impairment and Dementia ”
      • Outstanding Presentation: Clare Chartier & Hallie Music for “High Altitude Training and Immune Function ”
      • Outstanding Presentation: Kylie Hoogendyk for “Exercise Decreases Fall Risk in Multiple Sclerosis ”
      • Outstanding Critical Thinking: Rachael Christman for “Resistance training considerations for femoroacetabular impingement ”
      • Outstanding Critical Thinking: Amanda Chamberlin & Demri Toop for “ Effects of Late Night Exercise on Sleep ”
      • Outstanding Critical Thinking: Madison Odiorne for “HIIT Improves Quality of Life of Psoriatic Arthritis ”
Student Judge Awards
        • Most Creative Topic: Cassidy McGhehey & Caitlin Payne for “The Effects of Exercise Intervention for Prostate Cancer Patients Undergoing Androgen Deprivation Therapy”
        • Most Creative Topic: Allison Moore for “Barriers and being successful in creating exercise programs for pre-adolescents with Autism Spectrum disorder (ASD).”
        • Best Presentation: Nickolas Camarata for “Community exercise for COPD: A restoration of confidence in daily activity”
        • Best Presentation: Bobbi Hanson & Carmen Hewlett for “Physical Education Classes Focused on Physiological Responses Versus Set Standards”
        • Most Innovative Poster Design: Shweta Mohan & Crystal Titzkowski for “The effects of temperature on cardiac output with aerobic exercise.”
        • Best Professional Attire: Joseph Kwon for “Energy Expenditure and Cardiovascular Response on Lower Limb Amputees”
        • Best Professional Attire: Tristan Turner for “Effects of different concussion rehab”

Fall 2018

Faculty Judge Awards
Grand Prize for Outstanding Work: $300 Scholarship: Collette Edge for “Parkinson’s HAAO group fitness to maintain improved motor function post-therapy”
      • Outstanding Presentation: Stephanie Boone & Morgan Cannon for “Sedentary and Struggling – how physical activity can improve academic achievement and BMI in children ”
      • Outstanding Presentation: Cameron Chase & Brett Stewart for “Effects of Creatine Supplementation and Resistance Training on Muscular Strength and Body Composition in the Elderly ”
      • Outstanding Presentation: Cameron Dwyer for “The effect of exercise on Quality of Life and Range of Motion in Individuals with Cerebral Palsy ”
      • Outstanding Presentation:  Hanna Houck for “Effects of exercise training interventions in children and young adults with acute lymphoblastic leukemia”
      • Outstanding Presentation:  Gretchen Stolte for “Reducing Second Stroke Risk Factors by Improving Functional Mobility”
      • Outstanding Critical Thinking: Collette Edge & Madison Hanson for “Utilization of the Youth Physical Activity Promotion Model (YPAP) to Identify Effective Interventions to Promote Youth Physical Activity ”
      • Outstanding Critical Thinking: Katie Iverson & Allison Marken for “ The effects of creatine supplementation on lower limb strength ”
      • Outstanding Critical Thinking: Erika Mattson for “Gut Microbiome Modulation with Exercise ”
Student Judge Awards
        • Most Creative Topic: Jill Davidson & Logan Moore for “The Effect of Rhythmic Auditory Stimulation Therapy for Parkinson’s Patients”
        • Most Creative Topic: Morgan Davis for “Bone Cancer Survivors and Their Return to Exercise “
        • Best Presentation: Dayton Krull for “Effects of Exercise on LDL, HDL and Total Cholesterol “
        • Best Presentation: Zoe Strom & Natasha Tall for “The Effects of Exercise on Brain Atrophy”
        • Most Innovative Poster Design: Rachelle Ibanez for “How Exercise Improves the Quality of Life in Individuals with Dementia/Alzheimer’s Disease “
        • Most Innovative Poster Design: Haley McCann & Kwabena Opoku Mensah for “Exercise and Caffeine Improve Cognitive Performance “
        • Best Professional Attire: Joseph Barnum for “Decreasing Pain by Making Gains: Strength Training and Fibromyalgia”
        • Best Professional Attire: Alessandra Campagnaro for “The Importance of Exercise in the Reduction of Obesity in the Workplace”

Spring 2018

Faculty Judge Awards
Grand Prize for Outstanding Work: $300 Scholarship: Elizabeth Le & Brandon Lee for “Exercise-Induced Capillary Growth in Skeletal Muscle and the Dynamics of VEGF”
      • Outstanding Presentation: Kylie Hoogendyk & Gretchen Stolte for “Plyometric Training Effects on Youth Performance Enhancement ”
      • Outstanding Presentation: Kaylee Marcinko for “The Benefits of Exergaming for Individuals with Cerebral Palsy ”
      • Outstanding Presentation: Michael Young for “Multitasking: Improving Through Dual-Task Training in Post Stroke Patients ”
      • Outstanding Critical Thinking: Nickolas Camarata & Cameron Dwyer for “The Analysis of Factors that Cause Fatigue During Matches and Application to Intra-Exercise Training Methods to Aide in Performance Decrements for Soccer Matches”
      • Outstanding Critical Thinking: Bryce Magee & Sarah Rothwell for “Effects of Aerobic Exercise on Hippocampus Volume in Older Adults”
      • Outstanding Critical Thinking: Joshua Moore for “Exercise programs benefit children diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia”
Student Judge Awards
          • Most Creative Topic: Travis Clarke for “Effects of Exercise on Treating Epilepsy”
          • Most Creative Topic: Kallee Corbin & Amy Matchell for “Benefits of Yoga for Patients with Multiple Sclerosis “
          • Best Presentation: Katie Bucy for “The Importance of Practicing Balance to Prevent Falls During Pregnancy”
          • Best Presentation: Courtney Reed for “Benefits of an Exercise Intervention Program for Frail, Older Adults”
          • Most Innovative Poster Design: Katie Bucy & Joe Gottsch for “Protein Intake and Muscle Recovery After Resistance Training”
          • Most Innovative Poster Design: Sheridan Howell & Sarah Walkinshaw for “Structural and Functional Changes of the Heart Caused by Prolonged Endurance Exercise”
          • Best Professional Attire: Blake Bussing & Eddie Garcia for “The Effect of Exercise Therapy on Depressive Symptoms in Patients with History of Heart Disease”
          • Best Professional Attire: Kendyl Van Hout for “Changing the Physiology of Coronary Artery Disease with Exercise”

Fall 2017

Faculty Judge Awards
Grand Prize for Outstanding Work: $300 Scholarship: Nicole Walden for “Exploring Chronic Migraine Management with Mindful-Based Yoga”
          • Outstanding Presentation: Oliver Cockerham for “Climbing over Parkinson’s Disease”
          • Outstanding Presentation: Jessica Beitner for “Motivational Factors of Physical Activity in Older Women with Osteoporosis”
          • Outstanding Critical Thinking: Andrew Au & Alyse Bailey for “Immediate Detection in Sport Related Concussions”
          • Outstanding Critical Thinking: Ariel Bowman for “The Effects of Group Exercises on Individuals with Multiple Sclerosis”
          • Outstanding Critical Thinking: Travis Clarke & Michael Young for “Exercise Physiology in Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction”
Student Judge Awards
            • Most Creative Topic: Jordan Tingman for “Exercise Intervention Post TBI in Reduction of the Onset of Alzheimer’s Disease”
            • Most Creative Topic: Aspen Ranz for “Physiological Adaptation or Cardiac Pathology?  Digging Deeper into the Athletic Heart”
            • Most Creative Topic: Berkley VanHout for “Exercise Effects on Brain Volume in Alzheimer’s Disease”
            • Best Presentation: Alex Cox & Anna DeTray for “Return to Play and Re-Injury Rates in High School Athletes, Post Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Tear”
            • Best Presentation: Elidh Brown & Michaela Gospe for “The Effects of Varying Exercise Type on Alleviating Depressive Symptoms”
            • Most Innovative Poster Design: Savannah de la Combe for “Physically Working Together to Reduce Depression”
            • Most Innovative Poster Design: John Baker, Alex Cox & Daniel Mitchell for “The Relationship Between Exercise Intensity and Perceived Stress”
            • Best Professional Attire: Joel Ledezma for “Motivation for Adherence to Physical Activity Despite Chronic Lower Back Pain”

Spring 2017

Faculty Judge Awards
              • Grand Prize for Outstanding Work:  $300 Scholarship: Shelby Monson for “Mechanisms in Reducing Nerve Pain in Phantom Limb and Diabetic Neuropathy ”
              • Outstanding Presentation: Jay-J Yarbrough-Jones & Isaac Mitz for “Rehabilitation of Overhead Athletes: Increasing Rate of “Return-To-Play”
              • Outstanding Critical Thinking: Hailey Cates for “Examining the Impact of Mindfulness on Physical Activity Enjoyment”
Student Judge Awards
              • Most Creative Topic:  Molly Sullivan for “Exploring Tai Chi and Yoga as a Therapeutic Treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis”
              • Best Presentation:  Sidnee Glenn for “Exercise and Psychosocial Fears of Women with Breast Cancer Related Lymphedema (BCRL)”
              • Best Presentation:  CJ Allen for “Fighting the ailments of CFS one efficient exercise movement at a time”
              • Most Innovative Poster Design:  Ali Girard for “The Role of Strength Training in Preventing and Treating Osteoporosis”
              • Best Professional Attire:  Octavio Moreno-Preciado for “Application of Exercise to Combat Obesity Induced Inflammation”

Fall 2016

Faculty Judge Awards
Grand Prize for Outstanding Work:  $300 Scholarship: Madeline Roberts for “Motor Imagery and Action Observation: Innovative Cognitive-Motor Rehabilitation Techniques in Patients Afflicted with Alzheimer’s Disease”
              • Outstanding Presentation: Bayleigh Steed for “Using Exercise to Alter HPA Axis Sensitivity in Adults with Depression”
              • Outstanding Critical Thinking: William Wolcott for “Stability Exercise Intervention for Lumbopelvic Pain Management During Pregnancy”
Student Judge Awards
              • Most Creative Topic:  Hannah Smith for “The Benefits of Physical Activity for Cancer Patients Undergoing Chemotherapy”
              • Best Presentation:  Daniel Flores for “Postmenopausal Women: How Resistance Training Effects Bone Mineral Density”
              • Most Innovative Poster Design:  Natalie Clausing for “The Effects of Resistance Training on Bradykinesia in Parkinson’s Patients”
              • Most Innovative Poster Design:  Natalie Reetz for ” Symptoms of PTSD Improving by the Implementation of Mindful-Based Exercise”
              • Best Professional Attire:  Marisa Manus for “Increasing Exercise Compliance in Dementia Patients”

Spring 2016

Faculty Judge Awards
              • Grand Prize for Outstanding Work:  $300 Scholarship:  Joseph Copeland for “Balance and Falling when Exercising with CIPN”
              • Outstanding Presentation: Frank Carney for “Autonomic Tone:  Effects of Muscular Contractions on Blood Pressure”
              • Outstanding Critical Thinking:  Bethany Pupava & Isabella Watt for “Effects of Resistance Training on Running Economy”
Student Judge Awards
              • Most Creative Topic:  Sidnee Glenn and Brittany Reid for “Systemic Lupus Erythematosus:  Exercise Outcomes on Activities of Daily Living and Health Related Quality of Life”
              • Best Presentation:  Alee Bryan for “Exercise and the Treatment of Postpartum Depression”
              • Most Innovative Poster Design:  Maddy St. John for “The Effects of Exercise on Chemotherapy and Radiation Treatments”
              • Best Professional Attire:  Allie Nunn and Annalise Odegaard for “Stress Dampening Effects of Physical Activity in Children”

Fall 2015

Faculty Judge Awards
              • Grand Prize for Outstanding Work:  $300 Scholarship:  Courtney Batts for “Resistance Training Effects on Body Composition in Obese Population”
              • Outstanding Presentation:  Kelsie Holtzlider for “Spinal Loading with Weight Lifting and Chronic Low Back Pain Relief”
              • Outstanding Presentation:  Trevor Novobielski for “Effects of Chronic Exercise on Fibromyalgia Syndrome”
              • Outstanding Critical Thinking: Brandon Austin for “The Impact of Exercise Intervention on the Vascular Health of Adolescent Youth”
              • Outstanding Critical Thinking:  Zack Schneider and Skylar Vieselmeyer for “When Exercise Becomes Too Much:  Exertional Rhabdomyolysis”
Student Judge Awards
              • Most Creative Topic:  Fredrikke Hall and Alina Reed for “The Effects of Altitude on Performance in Elite Endurance Athletes”
              • Best Presentation:  Delaney E. Keser for “Music and Rhythm:  Revolutionizing Treatment for Parkinson’s Disease”
              • Most Innovative Poster Design:  Alyssa Ryder for “Exercise:  A Proven Medicine for Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Dementias”
              • Best Professional Attire:  Rick Ayala and Elias Whitefoot for “Proper Nutrition for Optimal Performance in Collegiate Athletes”

Spring 2015

Faculty Judge Awards
              • Grand Prize for Outstanding Work: $300 scholarship: Brandon Todd and Alee Bryan for “Rapid Weight Loss in Combat Sports”
              • Outstanding Presentation: Abigail Wojtanowicz for “Biomechanical Benefits of Exercise on Patients with Parkinson’s Disease”
              • Outstanding Critical Thinking: Mike McAdie and Darius Porter for “Improving Functional Movement in Youth” and Alex Waddell and Megan Kubitz for “Coffee Negates Effects of Caffeine as Ergogenic Aid”
Student Judge Awards
        • Most Creative Topic: Annie Leendertsen and Caitlin Prouse for “The Relationship Between Military Body Armor and Thermoregulation”
        • Best Presentation: MacKenzie Wilson and Mitchell Tetschner for “Efficacy of the Functional Movement Screen to Predict Injury Susceptibility”
        • Most Innovative Poster Design: Chris Stokesbary and Julia Colosimo for “Effects of Exercise in Treating Postpartum Depression”
        • Best Professional Attire: Clinton Marshall for “Rheumatoid Arthritis and Resistance Training” and Emily Mills and Kaya Knaggs for “Cardiovascular Fitness and Effect on Academic Performance”