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Washington State University
College of Education

LPRC’s Research Consulting

LPRC Consulting Outline

The Learning and Performance Research Center (LPRC) offers psychometric, research methods, and statistical consulting services to faculty and graduate students, primarily in the behavioral and social sciences. Topics include the following:

Regression Item Response Theory (IRT)
ANOVA and MANOVA Mixture Modeling
Factor Analysis Latent Class Analysis
Multi-Level Modeling Power Analysis
Latent Growth Curve Modeling Measurement
Longitudinal Modeling Sample Design
Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) Weighting
Longitudinal SEM Missing Data
Bayesian SEM


The LPRC will offer consulting in alignment with its overall research mission to provide leadership, training, consultation, and state-of-the-art solutions to challenging educational research questions at the university, state, national, and international levels. Consulting projects should lead to outcomes such as journal articles, grant proposals, theses, and dissertations according to the following guidelines. We also will have conversations with the parties for the appropriate role depending on the extent of our involvement, as described below.

Consulting Services
  1. The LPRC offers an initial consulting session (1-hour) to faculty and graduate students to assess needs, time requirements, and initial advice. Depending on the specific project needs, outcomes, and consulting time available, additional sessions could be scheduled. Priority will be given to first sessions for faculty/students, and additional sessions will be scheduled based on consultants’ availability.
  2. We can provide guidance (i.e., advice, references, software suggestions) to graduate students concerning their thesis or dissertation work with the outcome that students complete their work themselves. We do not design studies, analyze data, or write components of student’s work. Please rely on your committee for assistance with such tasks.
  3. Consulting is not a tutoring service for students enrolled in courses. Please see your instructor for such assistance.
  4. Appointments should be scheduled in advance for consulting services (no drop-in appointments).
  5. Faculty and students in need of consulting for grant applications or other time-sensitive projects are encouraged to contact the LPRC well in advance (e.g., 6 to 8 weeks) of any deadlines. The LPRC will observe the “No Rush” policy of the college.
  6. For projects requiring additional time, depending on level of involvement, we will negotiate with the parties for the appropriate fees or roles given the extent of our involvement, consistent with APA and WSU guidelines. Additional work can be done on the following basis:
    1. Grant proposals: When LPRC faculty are included/named on the proposal (with funding), additional time can be invested as part of LPRC funding devoted to development of proposals.
    2. Journal article submissions: When LPRC faculty are included as co-authors, additional time can be invested as part of faculty scholarship.
    3. Extended consulting services without co-PI or co-author roles: The fee rate will align with the LPRC’s normal rates for consulting.

Bruce Austin
Pullman Campus, Cleveland Hall 364, Pullman, WA  99164