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Thank you for supporting our students. Thank you for supporting our faculty scholarship and research. Just… thank you!

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Scholarship benefits

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We’re never more than halfway through one academic year before we’re thinking about the next. One reason to do that is the start of the scholarship cycle. As the application deadline of January 31 comes and goes, we are reminded just how essential financial help is for our students. That’s why we work year-around to raise scholarship funds. Just 30 percent of undergraduate applicants for College of Education scholarships receive some funding.

The college scholarship committee, comprised of faculty and staff, makes every effort to support as many students as possible. Sometimes we pool money from several sources to create a scholarship. Undergraduate scholarship recipients receive awards of at least $1,000; graduate student recipients, at least $2,500. Obviously that’s a long way from covering their tuition. But the financial aid can pay for books, groceries, or child care. It can eliminate the need for a second part-time job and allow more time for studies. We would like to give larger scholarships and give them to more students. With your help, we will.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our development team at 509-335-7843.

Student testimonial

Meet Kryssa Isobe

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“By investing in my education, you are also investing in the education of my future students.”
– Kryssa Isobe (’13)

Because of out-of-state expenses, Kryssa Isobe was afraid she would have to transfer out of her beloved WSU. However, the Albert L. and Louise Ayars Memorial Scholarship is enabling her to finish her bachelor of elementary education degree at WSU, and she is dreaming of pursuing a master of education degree in curriculum studies. A Hawaii native, Kryssa hopes to become a public school educator for Hawaii’s keiki (children) and gain National Board Certification in teaching.

Online Donations

Some areas to consider are:

  • College of Education Dean’s Fund for Excellence
  • College of Education Scholarship Fund
  • College of Education Alumni Association Scholarship Fund
  • Elementary and Secondary Education Development Fund
  • Kinesiology Development Fund
  • Sport Management Development Fund
  • Educational Psychology Excellence Fund


  • College of Education scholarships. Scholarships provide nearly $400,000 in annual support for our students. For information about creating endowed scholarships, contact Allison Sellers.
  • Faculty research funding. Awards and fellowships for our faculty create opportunities to create new knowledge, innovate in the field, and refine best practices.
  • Discretionary funds (like the Dean’s Fund for Excellence). These funds offer the greatest flexibility to initiate new projects and support college and departmental needs.
  • Gift Planning. Leave a legacy at WSU (and receive significant tax and financial benefits) with an estate gift, IRA rollover, or asset donation. For information about gift planning, contact our development team.
  • President’s Associates. Become a PA to provide annual support and become an active participant in the university community.
  • Cougar license plates. Show your Coug spirit and make part of your license plate fee a tax-deductible gift to WSU.


Employee Giving testimonial

Meet Helen Berry, College of Education program coordinator

“WSU has given me the opportunity to pursue my education and obtain a bachelor of arts in business administration. I have been with WSU for 24+ years and most of my work has been with the WSU Tri-Cities College of Education. I enjoy working with my colleagues and faculty in the College of Education on all campuses. I wanted to do my part in giving back. When I was a student, it was very important to have someone to guide me through the process and to be available. I try to show the same respect to the students that I work with.”
– Helen Berry