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Washington State University
WSU College of Education

Bruya-Wood Undergraduate Research Conference

December 1, 2023Fall Conference


Spring 2023 Grand Prize for Outstanding Work: Lindsey Duckett & Danielle Mann for “The Effects of Massage on Reducing DOMS and Perceived Fatigue”

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What is Bruya-Wood?

Find out how this twice-yearly event started and how it has positively impacted students.

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All the results are in!

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Student Planning Committee

Kines Student Judging Info

Event Hosted by the Kinesiology Club

WSU Kinesiology Club RSO

They said it…

“I would say the most valuable experience for me was learning how to take a huge chunk of information and condensing it into something that was easy to understand… Bruya Wood helped me become more professional because it forced me to accurately interpret scientific language and it also helped me understand myself better because it provided clarity to my true academic interests.” — Shweta Mohan