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Bruya-Wood Undergraduate Research Conference

The Bruya-Wood Undergraduate Research Conference is a biannual conference hosted by the Kinesiology Club that gives students the opportunity to present academic research, participate in a professional conference and highlight the Kinesiology program within the WSU community.

Spring 2017 Conference Date April 21, 2:00 pm

Physical Education Building 144

Keynote Speaker:  Thursday, April 20th 3:00 pm
Peter Anderson

Peter Anderson graduated from Washington State University with a B. S. in Kinesiology and a minor in Sport Management.  He volunteered with the Psychology of Physical Activity Laboratory and interned there for his sociologically focused integrative capstone.  He was a member of the Physical Education and Kinesiology Club where he organized blood drives on campus.

His experience with with the Bruya-Wood conference as a student allowed him to present his and his fellow students’ research regarding the association between self-reported amounts of exercise and level of depression.  He also presented information regarding the role that perception of an individual’s built environment has on their physical activity behavior, the increase in cognitive function secondary to exercise, and the motor neuron system and how it can be harnessed at a public health level.

He most recently has been working with the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department promoting physical activity as part of a chronic disease prevention grant.  He managed and distributed $90,000 to community-based organizations to increase capacity for policy, system and environmental changes.






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“Being a part of the Bruya-Wood Conference increased my ability to deliver a message in a professional manner. Speaking at professional conferences is something I will be doing throughout my time as a researcher and adding the experience to my resume is one of the major reasons I am in the position I am today. Baylor professors remembered “the guy with conference and research experience” because undergraduates are seldom a part of something like it. I spoke at 3 of the conferences at WSU and each time I developed more confidence and an improved demeanor in my presentation. The Bruya-Wood conference allowed me to look great on paper but even better in front of a crowd of people. Learning how to deliver a message is of utmost important for professional development.”
Tanner Lowry, WSU Alumnus

About the Conference:

The inaugural conference was held in 1995. It is named after Geoff Wood, a scholarship student-athlete who graduated from WSU with a degree in Physical Education. Geoff was honored with the conference name as homage to the strong community ties that he fueled with Dr .Bruya within the field of Kinesiology. Since graduating, he has impacted the field of exercise science internationally and is currently teaching in New Zealand. In the fall of 2013 Dr. Larry Bruya was added to the conference title in recognition as a professor emeritus who taught in the WSU Kinesiology faculty from 1988-2013 and is a strong reason why this conference is still in existence today.

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