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Washington State University
College of Education

December 2023

Ask away: Richard Roloff


First year ROAR student, Richard Roloff had the opportunity to intern with the WSU Football media team. We wanted to ask him a few questions about his position.

Richard on the sidelines before the WSU vs. Colorado football game.

Q: What did you do with the football team this past semester?
A: I did photos and media for the football team. My friend, Dallas, helped me out. I got to be with the team for the last three home games.


Q: What did you do on the field during games?
A: I would take pictures of the football team down on the field during pre-game and during the game. I also got to go up to the press box with Dallas and had some really nice food up there.


Q: What was your favorite part of this internship?
A: The jersey reveals. We got to take the photos and videos on Mondays and we would post them on Wednesdays. We had one jersey reveal photo shoot for the Colorado game that was at 11 o’clock at night which was really cool. We were at Gesa Field and it was really cloudy outside. We had all of the stadium lights off while keeping all of the LED lights on red and that looked really cool on the field. They wore all gray with the “WAZZU” helmets that week which I really liked.


Q: What got you interested in this role?
I played football during my freshman year of high school. My sophomore year, I wasn’t interested in playing anymore, so I became an equipment manager for my high school team. That made me realize how much fun working for a football team can be. I also took a photography class in high school which helped me prepare for taking pictures for football and running social media.


Q: Can you tell us about a fun time during your internship?
A: I got to go to the tailgates with Dallas before some of the games. At the tailgates, I got to meet Brennan Jackson’s mom, meet a lot of the football fans, and eat a lot of yummy food. Another fun memory was walking into the locker room with the team. I got to shake hands and introduce myself to a lot of the team. That is a memory that I will have for a very long time.


Q: What would you be interested in doing for a career 10 years from now?
A: Someday, I would love to work for the Spokane Chiefs in the Western Hockey League. I would like to run their social media or be an equipment manager.