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WTP/MEGI Summer Transition Institute

WTP/MEGI Summer Transition Institute

August 2-4, 2022
Wenatchee Convention Center

The WTP/MEGI Summer Transition Institute will focus on bringing WTP/MEGI participants together to share innovative transition strategies for supporting post-school outcomes for youth with disabilities. We will explore effective practices for building capacity to improve the availability and accessibility of coordinated transition services for students in Washington.

The institute will begin on Tuesday (8/2) at 3pm (check in from 1-3pm) and will end on Thursday (8/4) by 12pm. More details about the agenda will be shared soon.

Lodging (single rooms unless otherwise requested) and meals will be provided to all participants. Professional development hours are available to school and DVR staff. A $250 travel stipend will be provided by WTP and MEGI school personnel, based upon the information provided in this survey and follow up verification.

Questions can be sent to:


Guest Research Lecturer

The COE is pleased to announce a special visiting speaker on May 2nd, 10:00-11:00 am. Dr. Emily Tanner-Smith from the University of Oregon College of Education will discuss her research, as well as the launch of the HEDCO Institute for Evidence-Based Educational Practice.

This event will be offered on Zoom and in-person in Ed Ad 308 on the Pullman campus, so attendees can choose their preferred format.

Bridging the Research to Practice Gap: The Role of Evidence Synthesis

Abstract: In this talk, Dr. Tanner-Smith will discuss the role of research synthesis for evidence-informed decision making in education and prevention science. She will discuss the increasingly important role of evidence synthesis and summarize her current portfolio of research synthesis projects, including a recent national project aimed at improving the effectiveness of juvenile drug treatment courts. She will also discuss the launch of the new HEDCO Institute for Evidence-Based Educational Practice at the University of Oregon, which will focus on the conduct, translation, and dissemination of rapid evidence syntheses designed to meet the immediate decision-making needs of school leaders across the country.

Bio: Dr. Tanner-Smith is the Thomson Professor in the College of Education, an associate professor in the Counseling Psychology and Human Services Department, and a research scientist at the Prevention Science Institute at the University of Oregon. In addition to her faculty roles, she is also the inaugural Executive Director of the newly launched HEDCO Institute for Evidence-Based Educational Practice within the College of Education, and an associate vice president for research in the Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation. Her PhD is in sociology from Vanderbilt University with an emphasis on quantitative methods and statistics. She is an applied research methodologist with expertise in meta-analysis and research synthesis for evidence-based decision making. Her scholarship focuses on the prevention and treatment of substance use, delinquency, mental health, and academic problems among youth. She was awarded the Nan Tobler Award from the Society for Prevention Research and the Robert Boruch Award from the Campbell Collaboration in honor of her research synthesis contributions to prevention science policy and practice. Dr. Tanner-Smith currently serves on the editorial boards for Prevention Science, Psychological Bulletin, and Research Synthesis Methods.  Her research has been funded by numerous foundations, state, and federal agencies, including the IES, NIDA, NIAAA, and NIJ.

Location:  Ed Ad 308, Pullman Campus

Zoom info:


Join Zoom Meeting from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, or Android:

Meeting ID: 968 9212 8172
Passcode: 009542

Sport Management Graduate Faculty

Our graduate faculty guide and support your preparation for a career in sport.

Tammy Crawford, Ph.D.

Tammy Crawford

Sport in Higher Education; Student-Athlete Development; Sport Sociology

Scott Jedlicka, Ph.D.

Sport Governance; Sport Policy; Strategic Management

Chris Lebens, J.D.

Chris Lebens at Martin Stadium.

Sport Law; Risk Management; Intellectual Property; Event and Facility Management

Simon Ličen, Ph.D.


Communication and Sport; Sport and Society; International/Global Sport
Assistant Chair, Department of Educational Leadership & Sport Management

Yong Chae Rhee, Ph.D.

Sport Marketing; Sport Consumer Behavior; Research Methods

Adjunct Faculty

Heather Van Mullem, Ph.D.

Emeritus Faculty

Cathy Claussen, J.D.


Constitutional and Civil Rights Laws; Discrimination and First Amendment Issues in Sport

John Wong, Ph.D.


Organizational Theory and Behavior in Sport; Organizational Politics; Sport History

AFTOC General Meeting: Donuts & Discipline

AFTOC is having its next general meeting on Tuesday, October 5th, from 5-6 in ED AD 308. The topic of discussion will be focusing on disciplinary policies within K-12 education. Elementary and Secondary education students are encouraged to attend, as well as those that wish to combat these policies within the classroom. AFTOC will be providing doughnuts and handing out our merch (t-shirts) at the event!


If anyone has any questions, please email Christianna Lapine ( or Amir Gilmore (

Three Minute Thesis

The College of Education will host its annual Three Minute Thesis (3MT) virtually this year.

Viewers may watch via a Zoom webinar:

In 2014, the College of Education hosted a college-level 3MT. Provost Dan Bernardo was part of the judging panel. His office then took it university wide starting in 2015, sponsoring the event, while the College of Education has administered it each year.

This year, for the eighth year in a row, the College of Education will hear its best and brightest doctoral students share their research.

Awards are: First Place – $750, Second Place – $500, Third Place – $250, Fourth Place – $100, Fifth Place – $100.

Sport Management Program Highlights

Our program strives to make sport better.

COUGS in Sport Management podcast

Episode 7 – Stephen Thomas

Episode 6 – Ryan Bates

Episode 5 – Megan Thompson

Episode 4 – Megan Vining

Episode 3 – Melissa O’Brochta

Episode 2 – Desiree Stinger

Episode 1 – Andrei Lintz

Student and Alumni Features

Hannah Martian

Education Eclipse podcast – links to MP3 file

Kiley Maag

Education Eclipse podcast – links to MP3 file

Sport Management in the Time of #COVID19

Episode 4 – Hannah Kaufman

Episode 3 – Mallory Harder

Episode 2 – Olivia Bonsen

Episode 1 – Jordan Ryan
Click here for a follow-up video

Faculty Research – Recent Highlights

Ličen, S., & Jedlicka, S. R. (In press). Sustainable development principles in U.S. sport management graduate programs. Sport, Education and Society. Read it!

Chung, J. W., Rhee, Y. C., Boyd, J., Choi, W. B., & Ha, J. P. (2020). The effect of leisure participation on the relationship between the leisure satisfaction and perceived stress: Perspective of US college students. 한국체육과학회지, 29(4), 599-609. Read it!

Jedlicka, S. R. (2020). Contested governance: UNESCO’s role in international sport, 1952-1978. Journal of Sport History, 47(1), 18-39. Read it!

Jedlicka, S. R., Harris, S., & Reiche, D. (2020). State intervention in sport: A comparative analysis of regime types. International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics, 12(4), 563-581. Read it!

Ko, Y. J., Kim, Y. K., Kim, T., Arai, A., Rhee, Y. C., & Park, C. (2020). The impact of perceived trustworthiness on trust and commitment: A case of boosters in a university athletic programme. Sport in Society23(2), 180-203. Read it!

Kustec, S. & Ličen, S. (2020). Sport and Welfare in Central and Eastern European countries. In Martelli, S., Testa, A., & Porro, N. (Eds.). Sport, Welfare and Social Policy in the European Union (pp. 132-142). London: Routledge.

Ličen, S. (2020). Bailouts and tax breaks: Slovenian Olympic Committee’s communication during Covid-19. In P. M. Pedersen, B. J. Ruihley, & B. Li (Eds.), Sport and the pandemic: Perspectives on Covid-19’s impact on the sport industry (pp. 137-145). London: Routledge.

Jakubowska, H. & Ličen, S. (2019). The role of newspapers in the formation of gendered national identity: Polish coverage of women’s and men’s basketball championships. International Review for the Sociology of Sport, 54(3), 302-324. Read it!

Ličen, S. (2019). Influence of hosting a major sports event on patriotic attitudes: The EuroBasket 2013 competition in Slovenia. International Review for the Sociology of Sport, 54(3), 361-383. Read it!

Ličen, S. & Bejek, B. (2019). Slovenian daily newspaper coverage of women’s sports in 2015. Družboslovne Razprave, 35(92), 7-33. Read it!

Wong, J., & Jedlicka, S. R. (2019). When culture meets capital: Commercialism, national identity, and Vancouver’s initial attempt to join the NHL. Sport History Review, 50(2), 225-243. Read it!

Jedlicka, S. R. (2018). Appropriated authority: A theory of transnational sport governance. International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics, 10(4), 637-652. Read it!

Jedlicka, S. R. (2018). Sport governance as global governance: Theoretical perspectives on sport in the international system. International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics, 10(2), 287-304. Read it!

Rew, D. J., Kim, J. W., & Rhee, Y. C. (2018). The role of customer attitudes in building the reputation of a company sponsoring sport events. Journal of Management and Marketing Research, 21. Read it!

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Brown, K. A., Ličen, S., Billings, A. C., & Devlin, M. B. (2017). Envisioning Slovenia, telecast from Brazil: Relationships between national identity and Slovenian viewership of the 2016 Rio Summer Olympic Games. International Journal of Sport Communication, 10(4), 487-507. Read it!

Kim, K. T., & Rhee, Y. C. (2017). University recreation sports safety management in U.S.: A qualitative case study. Korean Journal of Security Convergence Management, 6(3), 17-29. Read it!

Ličen, S., & Cole, A. N. (2017). Public perception of social impacts of the 2013 EuroBasket for men. International Journal of Sport Management, 18(1), 89-115. Read the abstract!

Ličen, S., Lončar, M., Delorme, N., Horky, T., & Jakubowska, H. (2017). International newspaper coverage of the 2013 EuroBasket for men. Communication & Sport, 5(4), 448-470. Read it!

Rhee, Y. C., Wong, J., & Kim, Y. (2017). Becoming sport fans: Relative deprivation and social identity. International Journal of Business Administration, 8(1), 118-134. Read it!

Sodano, R. L., Rhee, Y. C., & Kim, Y. (2017). Policy development of pre-participatory screening procedure for fitness industry. International Journal of Human Movement Science, 11(1), 49-74. Read it!

SWEA Meeting — Evan Hecker

Evan Hecker, Kamiak Elementary School principal, will be joining us and we will be discussing advice for first year teachers and preparing for evaluations from when administrators come into a teacher’s classroom. He will also be open to any questions we have about our first year teaching and what a principal might expect from us. If we breeze through that, the hiring process and tips for interviews/resumes is also a great topic to cover. He will share information he has with us and we will also ask him any questions we have!
Meeting ID: 964 2759 8926

SWEA Meeting

This will be our first SWEA meeting of the Spring 2021 semester. We will go over any housekeeping things and talk about upcoming events! I will share this Google Calendar with everyone and talk about our upcoming events!
Meeting ID: 964 2759 8926

8th Annual AFTOC Conference

The 8th annual event will include an interactive workshops with Jesse Hagopian, an award-winning educator and a leading voice on issues of educational equity, the school-to-prison pipeline, standardized testing, the Black Lives Matter at School Movement, and social justice unionism.

The agenda includes: 

11:00 – 11:15: Welcome and Introduction to Keynote Speaker: Jesse Hagopian

11:15 – 12:15: Jesse Hagopian’s Keynote: Taking a Knee to Level the Field: Athlete Activism from the Campus to the NFL

12:15 – 1:00: Break/Stretch/Lunch

1:00 – 3:30: Workshop/Lessons Led By Jesse

3:30 – 4:00: Reflections/Closing Thoughts/ Questions

Expect a day full of discussion, teaching, learning, and fun!

COE Three Minute Thesis

The College of Education is proud to again host Three Minute Thesis

March 06 — 11:00 a.m. PST— SPARK Atrium

In 2014, the College of Education hosted a college-level Three Minute Thesis. Provost Dan Bernardo was part of the judging panel. His office then took it university wide starting in 2015, sponsoring the event, while the College of Education has administered it each year.

This year, for the seventh year in a row, the College of Education will hear its best and brightest doctoral students share their research.

Awards are: First Place – $750, Second Place – $500, Third Place – $250, Fourth Place – $100, Fifth Place – $100.