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Washington State University
College of Education

Rural Education Center

News and updates

Our mission

The Rural Education Center is a statewide cooperative of small and rural districts, several educational service districts, and other key educational organizations committed to achieving the highest quality of learning on behalf of children in our public schools. Our goals are to:

  • Evaluate and redesign as needed the Rural Education Center (REC) to achieve its mission, philosophy and vision
  • Increase REC’s voice at policy development groups
  • Increase information exchange between REC member schools
  • Expand the REC leadership network
  • Increase partnerships and strengthen existing partnerships to expand REC resources

REC Resources

NASBE article “Education Students in Rural America: Capitalizing on Strengths, Overcoming Barriers”

Seattle Times article “Rural schools often the heart of small E. Washington towns”

Presentation to House Ed Committee, January 2015

REC Report to WSSDA’s Task Force on Small Schools Issues

Rural Alliance Presentation by Jim Kowalkowski (9/29/13)

Job Openings

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Consolidation Information

WSSDA Regional Meeting Consolidation PowerPoint by Jim Kowalkowski (3/23/10)

Updated WSSDA Consolidation PowerPoint by Jim Kowalkowski (10/28)

Research on Consolidation by Bill Keim

REC Research Briefs

What Works in WA State Research Brief on Graduation Rates