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Washington State University
College of Education

Teacher Clock Hours

Note: Upon approval, the sponsor of the request will be sent a registration packet that includes instructions, participant sign-In sheets, registration forms, and program evaluation forms.

Applications should be submitted to

Washington State University
Ashley Herridge, Clock Hour Coordinator
PO Box 642152
Pullman, WA 99164-2152
(509) 335-1988 phone

Clock hour approval criteria
  1. Program objectives must be measurable and clearly state a purpose.
  2. Program must be a minimum of one hour in length. Actual mealtime shall not be included in calculation of program hours. Break time in excess of twenty minutes per four hours of training shall not be counted in the calculation of program hours. The program agenda should be consistent, reflecting the number of requested hours for the program. Program can be held in a series of sessions held on different dates. Program offerings will be rounded down to the nearest ½ hour.
  3. Routine staff meetings, business meetings to discuss or explain operational policy or administrative practice within the agency/organization, social hours or actual meal time will not be approved.
  4. We cannot issue clock hours to individuals for serving as the instructor for an in-service program for which that individual is the only participant.
  5. Programs offered must be consistent in demonstrating a desire to provide educators with training that assists with professional development and continued growth opportunity.
Responsibilities of Washington State University College of Education as an institution approved to grant continuing education clock hours
  1. Clock Hour Committee will review all program proposals for consideration, responding to applicant within 14 calendar days of proposal receipt
  2. Clock Hour Committee review of program evaluation summaries as per WAC 180-85
  3. Distribution of original registration forms to participants upon receipt of payment from the program provider
  4. Maintain all records required by OSPI for seven calendar years
Responsibilities of the program sponsor/originator
  1. Provide the program instructor(s) with a copy of instructions for collection and/or distribution of required documentation.
  2. Ensure that all participants claiming clock hours are in actual (physical) attendance at the program location at the time of the offering.
  3. Ensure that all participants complete information required on sign-in sheets.
  4. Provide each participant with a copy of the participant information for claiming clock hours.
  5. Ensure each participant requesting continuing education clock hours completes the Clock Hour Course Registration form, claiming only hours of actual attendance. It is recommended that these forms be provided at the completion of the program. The registration form must be collected by the sponsor and returned to WSU COE.
  6. Collect a processing fee from each participant claiming clock hours.
    1. The fee is $2.00/hr with a $10.00 minimum fee for each program.
    2. Collect additional program fees in excess of clock hour fees if applicable.
  7. Ensure that each participant receives, completes and submits a clock hour course evaluation form.
  8. Return the following to WSU COE NO LATER than 14 calendar days after the completion of the program:
    1. Clock Hour Sign-In Sheets
    2. Clock Hour Registration forms from participants registering for clock hours
    3. Clock Hour fees from participants registering for clock hours (including additional program fees if applicable) attached to participant registration forms
    4. Completed Evaluation Summary Sheet and a copy of all evaluation forms
Responsibilities of the participant claiming continuing education clock hours
  1. Participant must be in actual (physical) attendance at the program location at the time of the program.
  2. Participant must complete information on the sign in sheet for each day of the program.
  3. Complete Sections I and III of the clock hour registration form. Section III should reflect the actual number of hours in attendance.
  4. Attach appropriate fee (check or money order only) and return with registration form and evaluation to the originator of the program.
  5. As of June 22, 1990, it is the certificate holder’s responsibility to submit clock hour registration forms and/or college transcripts to OSPI documenting completion of 150 hours for certificate maintenance. Registration forms must be maintained by the participant for a period exceeding one year of the participants certificate expiration date (or until audited by OSPI whichever date is sooner).
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