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Washington State University
College of Education

Alhadeff Future Teachers of Color (AFTOC)

AFTOC ConferenceSee You On 4/1/21!

The 9th annual event for the Alhadeff Future Teachers of Color entitled “Re-Defining Your Why: Embracing Our Experiences” will take place virtually on April 1, 2021. Once again, it will include thought leaders in education and social justice. Jane Elliott will be the keynote. Stay tuned!

Meet Jane Elliott




Our Ambassadors

These students understand both our value and their own. And they help us share that message.

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AFTOC Overview

The Alhadeff Future Teachers of Color (AFTOC) is a program that makes a real impact.

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Here’s Why!

They teach. They mentor. They coach. They care.
Here’s why they do what they do – in their own words.

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They said it…

Testimonial coming soon.


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