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Washington State University
College of Education

Alhadeff Future Teachers of Color (AFTOC)

March 24, 2022AFTOC Conference

Why Do We Go On: Reflections Of Educators Committed To Educational Justice

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Our Ambassadors

These students understand both our value and their own. And they help us share that message.

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AFTOC Overview

The Alhadeff Future Teachers of Color (AFTOC) is a program that makes a real impact.

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Here’s Why!

They teach. They mentor. They coach. They care.
Here’s why they do what they do – in their own words.

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They said it…

AFTOC is for everyone and anyone who wants to become an agent of change within their teaching communities. It doesn’t matter if you’re older or younger, if you have a passion for this kind of work, this is the place for you!

—Talia Sampson

AFTOC is here for everyone. This organization is a safe place for people of color to thrive and grow through their education journey.!

—Christianna Lapine

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