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Washington State University
College of Education

Athletic Training Faculty and Staff

Meet the A-Team!

Or, perhaps, we should say the AT Team, as in Athletic Training!

These faculty work tirelessly to help the program grow and get stronger, as well as help students have a transformative experience.

Kasee Hildenbrand

Athletic Training Program Director and Faculty
Kasee Hildenbrand’s area of research is primarily focused on concussions, specifically: (a) to gain a better understanding of how head injuries (traumatic brain injury) affect the patient and develop a research based tool for the medical community to utilize for evaluating patients post traumatic injury, (b) evaluate the role neck strength plays in the incidence of concussion, (c) the biomechanical impacts that occur in youth sports, and (d) the effectiveness of current education in concussion awareness.

Past research interests include: (a) work within the field of aquatics research to better the understanding of common issues that affect the general public; (b) development of critical thinking and education of students with the following goals: (a) to develop a model for engaging students in the classroom and to challenge them to reach beyond the subject matter and grasp the fundamental message of the lesson; (b) to help dispel the stereotype perpetuated by the media of low graduation rates for student athletes by focusing on comparisons between typical students and their athletic counterparts.

Dr. Hildenbrand directs the Athletic Training Program and teaches Psychosocial Issues in Athletic Training, Current Topics in Athletic Training, and Organization and Administration of Athletic Training. As director of the ATP, she supervises the academic program while coordinating student internships with the WSU Intercollegiate Athletics Department and various off-campus clinical rotations. Kasee also serves as the NATA (National Athletic Trainers’ Association) district 10 President .

Scott Landis

Athletic Training Faculty
Scott Landis teaches courses in Lower Extremity Pathology, Upper Extremity Evaluation, Sport Related Nutrition Concepts, Rehabilitation, Therapeutic Modalities, Evidence-Based Practice, Professional Preparation in Athletic Training, and Emergency Response to Athletic injuries. His research interests include the clinical applications of manual therapies, lower extremity injury prediction and prevention methods in females, and concussion treatment interventions.

Dr. Landis currently serves as the chair of the NWATA (Northwest Athletic Trainers’ Association) research committee.

Katy Pietz

Athletic Training Clinical Education Coordinator and Faculty
Katy Pietz teaches courses in Techniques in Athletic Training, Upper Extremity Pathologies, Lower Extremity Evaluation, General Medical Conditions, Pharmacology, and all internship related courses. She also serves as the clinical education coordinator for the Athletic Training Program, supervising the athletic training students during rotations within WSU Intercollegiate Athletics and many clinical sites on the Palouse.

Katy currently serves as the NWATA (Northwest Athletic Trainers’ Association) Student Senate Faculty Advisor.