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College of Education

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Your education is worth the cost. But it’s still a cost. We can help!


Undergraduate and graduate students can complete the WSU General Scholarship Application beginning in September each year to be automatically considered for over 80 donor-supported scholarships in the College of Education, including department, school, and academic program scholarships, plus over 700 additional scholarships at the University level. Applicants will be considered for all College of Education scholarships for which they are eligible. If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, please visit the WSU General Scholarship Application portal and get started today!

For more information about FAFSA/WAFSA and other general university financial aid questions, please visit WSU Student Financial Services to find answers to your questions about financial aid.

The deadline for the WSU General Scholarship Application is January 31, 2023 for the 2023-2024 academic year. 

Scholarship Application Tips

Complete the FAFSA, preferably ahead of the priority deadline. Many of our scholarships take financial need into account. To assess an applicant’s need, the College of Education Scholarship Committee relies partly on the EFC (expected family contribution) score from their FAFSA application. The earlier you complete the application, the more financial aid opportunities will be available to you.

Take your time and answer every question. You can complete the scholarship application over multiple sessions prior to submission, so there is no need to rush. Give special attention to the essay questions – thoughtful responses to these questions can be very influential when the Scholarship Committee is making their decisions.

Please indicate your top two choices for intended major or area of study. This is where the College of Education will pull our list of applications for consideration for College awards. For example: if you are a secondary education major in math education, you will choose math as one option and education as another.

Graduate students: Please be sure to complete the question regarding research and creative projects. Be as comprehensive as possible in your response.

If you have questions specific to College of Education scholarships, please contact Joni Ford at 509-335-7843 or

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