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Scholarship Recipients
Hints for completing the online
university scholarship application

Take your time and answer every question. You can complete the scholarship application over multiple sessions prior to submission, so take your time, think about your answers and complete each and every question.

Application Major 1 & 2:  Please indicate your top two choices for intended major or area of study. This is where the College of Education will pull our list from for consideration for College awards. For example: if you are a secondary education major in math education, you will choose math as one option and education as another.

Please pay close attention to the following question: Leadership, responsibility, contribution to community and family, and co-curricular involvement are important at Washington State University. Please prioritize your top four experiences in these areas over the last three years.  This is the section on the application for you to input any employment, volunteer work and club memberships. In this section, please be sure to list any/all extracurricular involvement at WSU.

Graduate students – Please be sure to complete the following question, as it will be considered when awarding scholarships to graduate students within the College: Participation in research and creative projects is important for undergraduate and graduate students at Washington State University. Please list your participation in research or creative projects, laboratories, hospitals and clinics. Include work done at other institutions. Please do not include class-assigned research papers or projects in this section.

Each of the scholarships within the College of Education have certain criteria which will need to be considered when making awards.  A large majority of our scholarships are based on financial need. The Scholarship Committee bases that need on an EFC (expected family contribution) score which you receive after completing the FAFSA application. We highly recommend completing that form so that you will be considered for those scholarships. You can complete the FAFSA application at

For more information on Scholarship Service and applying for scholarships, go to:

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact Allison Sellers at any time at 509-335-7843 or