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College of Education

Grants and Research Advisory Committee

2015-16 Grants and Research Advisory Committee

Here are the faculty members who have agreed to serve on the Grants and Research Advisory Committee. The list is based on recommendations from leadership, direct response to request for for committee members, and an attempt to have a diverse cross-section of faculty (by campus, by stage in their career, by program area, etc.).


Chair: Amy Roth McDuffie


Sola Adesope                                 Gordon Gates

Yuliya Ardasheva                           Chad Gotch

Brenda Barrio                                    Yun-Ju Hsiao

Robert Catena                                   Rich Lamb

Susan Finley                                       Hsin-Ya Liao

Brian French*                                David Slavit

Janet Frost                                         Sarah Ullrich French*


*As available while on leave.

Washington State University