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College of Education

KINES Internship & Practicum Landing

KINESIOLOGYInternship and Practicum


Internship and practicum allows students to apply their classroom knowledge in real-world situations. At WSU College of Education, internship is integrated into the coursework to to prepare students for the real-world.

  • KINES 390 is a 1-credit practicum course
  • KINES 485 is 10-12 credit internship course that students are required to do after the completion of all major-related coursework.

View course information and requirements:

Practicum – KINES 390                               Internship – KINES 485


For more information, refer to the FAQ section at the bottom of this page.


*Timeline is subject to change due to COVID-19 restrictions. The typical on-site professional experience or “online alternative coursework” is negotiated during COVID-19 for flexibility in meeting student needs.  

*Students may enroll in KINES 390 and KINES 485 BEFORE locating a professional site and during open enrollment for classes.  

*KINES 390 required paperwork will be submitted to the course online assignments page once the semester begins.

*KINES 485 required paperwork will be emailed upon internship application approval.


Get credits while studying abroad that could satisfy practicum or internship requirements! See below for more information.


* Study abroad programs are organized through the International Programs Office.

Practicum and Internship Credit through Study Abroad

Some Experiences for Kinesiology Students:

KINES 390Hearts in Motion (spring break trip, Guatemala)

KINES 485 – Camp Adventure (various locations & semesters)

KINES 485 – Independent Placements with Study Abroad Providers (I.e., Spain, Germany, Australia)


Find out more about study abroad programs and how to apply at WSU International Programs.


Useful Links:


International Programs Study Abroad

KINES Internship page

KINES Practicum page

Internship Application (Must attend Intern Group Session Semester Prior to Enrolling)



Where can I go?

– Anywhere.

  •  Internationally (plan ahead)
  • Nationally (other universities, nearby states, researched opportunities)
  • State wide (many students return home and target sites)
  • Locally (Pullman has a few great options or surrounding communities)
What are the requirements?
  • Meet all prerequisites for KINES 485
  • Plan ahead and meet with sites/supervisors (seek internship/job)
  • Paid, unpaid, stipend, other
  • Complete application (online survey submission – see deadlines)
  • When approved, complete Affiliation agreement & liability form
What do I do first?
  • Attend a group intern meeting the semester prior (or earlier)
  • Research sites of interest (likely from KINES 390, location, type of experience)
  • Approach sites to inquire about internship/job opportunity (plan ahead)
  • Depending on site and opportunity, think about learning goals/outcomes to achieve
  • Depending on site and opportunity, think about major project/product to complete



How do I find an internship?
  • Past experiences/relationships with professionals/sites
  • Review sites from WSU kinesiology list
  • Google search/online search (explore areas of interest)
  • Use your network
  • Recruited/sites seeking kinesiology students
What’s expected of the site?
  • Mentor intern to meet learning goals and/or employee to meet job expectations
  • Mentor/supervisor will engage student with daily/weekly tasks, or duties
  • Mentor/supervisor provides feedback for improvement and challenges student learning
  • Mentor/supervisor provides formal evaluation (online survey) of student performance
  • Willing to provide letter of recommendation or endorsement for student if deserving