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College of Education

Faculty Fellows

Faculty fellows and distinguished professors

College of education faculty fellowships recognize outstanding scholarship and may be used to retain faculty headed for prominence. A fellowship provides salary supplements and research support.


Faculty Research Funding Awards

  • Devasmita Chakraverty and Janet Frost, Impostor Phenomenon in STEM
  • Christopher Connolly and Tiffany Reiss, Pregnancy Functional Resistance Exercise for Strength Study
  • Anne Cox, Investigating the Effect of Mindfulness on Psychological Response at Different Levels of Exercise Intensity
  • Simon Licen, National Identification and Mediated Sport in Global Contexts
  • Brian McNeill and Karla Blanco, ¡Sí Se Puede! Culture, Resilience, and Well Being in Mexican Immigrant Farmworkers

High Risk/High Reward and Pressing Need Award

  • Brian French, Marcus Poppen, and Bruce Austin, Dynamic Online Assessment Platform for Underserved Students

Elementary School Teachers’ Advancement Fund

  • Joy Egbert, Exploring the Process and Outcomes of Elementary School Coding

Berry Family Fellowship

  • Kira Carbonneau, Yuliya Ardasheva, Sarah Newcomer, and Brenda Barrio, Case Based Instruction for Culturally Responsive Teaching

Boeing Distinguished Professor Awards

  • Olusola Adesope, Situating STEM Education in Social Learning Environments: A Research Agenda to Enhance Learning, Retention and Attitudes in STEM
  • Andy Cavagnetto, Leveraging the Language Practices of Science: Adapting the Science Writing Heuristic to a Large Undergraduate Biology Lecture Course
Anne Cox


Washington State University