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Washington State University
College of Education

Faculty Fellows

Faculty fellows and distinguished professors

College of education faculty fellowships recognize outstanding scholarship and may be used to retain faculty headed for prominence. A fellowship provides salary supplements and research support.


Faculty Research Funding Awards

  • Robert Catena [with Lisa Fournier (Dept. of Psychology) and Nigel Campbell (Moscow/Pullman OBGYN)], Shifting Attention and Avoiding Environmental Hazards during Pregnancy
  • Michael Dunn, Skriba 1.0: An Online Set of Resources to Help Students Improve their Argumentative Essay Writing Skills
  • Hsin-Ya Liao [with Ying-Fen Wang (National Taiwan Normal University)], Stigma and Barriers of Seeking Psychological Services: Development of a Culturally Valid Measure
  • Johnny Lupinacci, A Sense of Belonging: Valuing Urban Youth

Berry Family Distinguished Professor

  • Brian French, Educational Psychology. Associate Dean for Research and External Funding. Director, Learning and Performance Learning Center.

Berry Family Fellowship

  • Sarah Ullrich-French and Anne Cox, Test of Mindful Movement in State Body Functionality: Enhancing Undergraduate Women’s Mental and Physical Health
  • Anne Marie Guerrettaz, Pioneering Research on Language Teaching Materials: From Spanish Foreign Language Classrooms to WSU Teacher Preparation

Mitchell Family Fellowship

  • Joy Egbert, Classroom Task Engagement and ELL Achievement

COE Faculty Research Fellowship Award

  • Sarah Newcomer, Learning through Maps and Mapping our Learning: Fostering Geo-literacy through the Use of Online, Interactive PuzzleMaps

High Risk/High Reward and Pressing Need Award

STEM Excellence Award

  • Kristin Lesseig, Supporting Teacher Learning and Instructional Improvement: An Investigation of Mathematics Studios in Secondary Schools

Boeing Distinguished Professor Awards

  • Olusola Adesope, Situating STEM Education in Social Learning Environments: A Research Agenda to Enhance Learning, Retention and Attitudes in STEM
  • Andy Cavagnetto, Leveraging the Language Practices of Science: Adapting the Science Writing Heuristic to a Large Undergraduate Biology Lecture Course
Distinguished Professor

  • A.G. Rud, Cultural Studies and Social Thought in Education.
Robert Catena


Michael Dunn

Hsin-Ya Liao


Sarah Ulrich-French