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Washington State University
College of Education

Kinesiology Mission Vision Goals

Mission Statement

The mission of the program is to generate, interpret, disseminate, and apply kinesiology discipline knowledge across various contexts to enhance health, productivity, and quality of life.

The Mission is accomplished by:

  • Educating students in the states, traits, and dispositions for professional positions, certifications and post-graduate work associated with the kinesiology discipline.
  • Scholarly inquiry and dissemination of knowledge within the kinesiology sub-disciplines.
  • Providing community, state, national, and international leadership and service in the kinesiology discipline.

These pursuits are manifested in:

  • Degree programs
  • Research programs supported by internal and external funding
  • Publication and presentation of scientific research
  • Service to the department, college, university, and professional organizations
  • Kinesiology discipline service to surrounding communities

Upon completion of the Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology, students will:

  1. identify moral questions, reflect on the implications and apply to discipline issues;
  2. be continuous, collaborative learners who further their own professional development and use their abilities to contribute to the profession;
  3. identify the central body of knowledge in kinesiology and use scientific literacy, quantitative reasoning and discipline knowledge to analyze contemporary issues;
  4. communicate effectively to a broad range of audiences using appropriate traditional and emerging technological media;
  5. use pedagogical knowledge to inform their practice;
  6. promote respect of diverse populations and thought.