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Washington State University

Mathematics and Science Education


As part of her studies, doctoral student Kaylan Petrie helps

prepare preservice teachers to teach science.


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MagnifyingGlass mathematics

Program Overview

Our math and science education doctorate degree will help you get ready to make important contributions to the field.

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Candace mathematics

Meet Our Students

We have the best students in the world, already making a huge difference. Candace Chappelle is just one example.

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Kristen mathematics

Meet our faculty

Students in this important field get a boost from their top-notch faculty.

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They said it!

I have an invaluable glimpse of how faculty members within the college of education interact with each other, how they work together to provide opportunities for each individual student in the program to excel in their research areas of interest, and how the faculty is deeply invested in the success of each student overall.  That is what really sets this program apart from other programs I have been in, and/or observed.”

— Angie Witters, WSU Vancouver Mathematics and Science Education doctoral candidate

My time in this program has surpassed my expectations. I have been able to grow so much in my professional capacities and when I compare myself to other graduate students I meet at national conferences and in other social sciences at WSU, I think we compare well and can hold our own with the strong preparation we’ve had.”

— Reponse by Ph.D. student as part of 2018 anonymous program survey

I was interested in joining the Math & Science Education program because of the intentionality and recognition of the need to work at the intersection of math and education, rather than foregrounding one and backgrounding the other. I have garnered the most from the more informal mentorship of the faculty as they have candidly reflected on their own experiences in the academy, shared unpolished work, and as we have co-authored manuscripts. Such interactions have “pulled back the curtain” on academia, making it less and less mysterious. This helps me envision myself in the academy.”

— Roxanne Moore, Mathematics and Science Education doctoral candidate

Our Mathematics and Science Education program is amazing.