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AERA Grants Program

Every year, the American Educational Research Association (AERA) accepts grant proposals from doctoral students, post-docs, or faculty members who are doing quantitative research on large-scale national or international data sets.

With NSF support, AERA provides grants for conducting studies of education policy and practice using federally-funded, large-scale data sets. Proposals are encouraged from a variety of disciplines, including education, sociology, economics, psychology, demography, statistics, and psychometrics.

AERA Dissertation Grants

AERA provides dissertation support for advanced doctoral students to undertake doctoral dissertations using data from the large-scale national or international data sets supported by the NCES, NSF, and/or other federal agencies. The selection process is competitive. AERA Dissertation Grants are awarded for one-year for an amount of up to $20,000. The next application deadline is Friday, September 15, 2017.

AERA Research Grants

AERA provides small grants for faculty members, postdoctoral researchers, and other doctoral-level scholars to undertake quantitative research using data from the large-scale national or international data sets supported by the NCES, NSF, and/or other federal agencies. The selection process is competitive. AERA Research Grants are awarded for one or two years, for an amount of up to $35,000. The next application deadline is Friday, September 15, 2017.


If you’re interested in applying, please contact Laura Girardeau at

Amir Gilmore

Amir Gilmore

Associate Dean of Equity and Inclusion for Student Success and Retention
Assistant Professor
Cultural Studies And Social Thought In Education
Affiliate Faculty
American Studies and Culture (Ph.D. Program)
Pullman Campus
Cleveland Hall 334
Pullman, WA  99164


Curriculum Vitae

Twitter || GoogleScholar || LinkedIn

View WSU Q&A from Feb. 06, 2023

View WSU Faculty Profile from Feb. 12, 2021

About Amir


Ph.D. (2019) Cultural Studies And Social Thought In Education – Washington State University
M.A. (2015) Africana Studies – SUNY Albany
B.A. (2011) History – SUNY Albany

Amir Gilmore’s interdisciplinary background in Cultural Studies, Africana Studies, and Education allows him to traverse the boundaries across the social sciences, the arts, and the humanities. His interests in Black Critical Theory and Black Masculinities ground his scholarship on Black Boy Joy, and he is well-versed in Critical Race Theory, feminisms, and social theory. His vision and scholarship make critical contributions to the fields of Black Studies and Education, as well as connects to larger discussions of Afrofuturism and Black Aesthetics.

Courses Taught:

MIT 552: Multicultural Education In A Global Society

TCH_LRN 467: Adolescence, Community, and School

CSSTE 533: Race, Identity, and Representation

CSSTE 534: Social Theory in Education

TCH_LRN 522: BlackCrit and The Afterlife of Slavery (Special Topics)

MIT 508: Curriculum and Instruction Methods (Summer)

STEM Education Research Summit (#COESTEM2017)

SEPT. 27 – 1:00 P.M. – CUB JR. BALLROOM



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We have some great sessions from STEM education research experts. Here are the details.

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Washington STEM is a leader in STEM education research, and explains why STEM matters.

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They said it

“[Science] is more than a school subject, or the periodic table, or the properties of waves. It is an approach to the world, a critical way to understand and explore and engage with the world, and then have the capacity to change that world…”

— President Barack Obama, March 23, 2015

Robert Danielson

Robert Danielson

Assistant Professor
Educational Psychology
Spokane Campus
Center for Clinical Research and Simulation, 211
412 E. Spokane Falls Blvd.
Spokane, WA 99210-2131


Curriculum Vitae || Research Gate || Google Scholar

Research Interests

How learning with texts and graphics may promote epistemic and conceptual change around STEM concepts. My research focuses on students in K-12 through college, as well as members of the public. I also examine the educational, policy, and health-related implications of the public’s understanding of science.


  • Ph. D. in Urban Education Policy, University of Southern California
    • Concentration: Educational Psychology
  • M. A. in Psychological Science, California State University, Chico
  • B. A. in Psychology, California State University, Chico

Selected Publications

Peer Reviewed Journals 

  • Danielson, R. W., Sinatra, G. M., Dai, S., Seyranian, V., Heddy, B. C., Polikoff, M. S., & Marsh, J. A. (2024). Validating an Instrument to Assess 4th Grade Students’ Interest in STEM Content. Journal of Experimental Education.
  • *Ramazan, O., Dai, S., Danielson, R. W., Ardasheva, Y., *Hao, T., & Austin, B. W. (2023). Students’ 2018 PISA Reading Self-concept: Identifying Predictors and Examining Model Generalizability for Emergent Bilingual Students. Journal of School Psychology.
  • *Jin, G., *Ramazan, O., & Danielson, R. W. (2023). Effects of refutational texts and seductive pictures on conceptual change, situational interest, and cognitive loads. Journal of Experimental Education.
  • Heddy, B. C., Danielson, R. W., *Ross, K., & Goldman, J. A. (2023). Everyday engineering: The effects of transformative experience in middle school engineering. The Journal of Engineering Education.
  • * Ramazan, O., Danielson, R. W., Rougée, A., Ardasheva, Y., & Austin, B. W. (2023)Effects of Classroom and School Climate on Linguistically Diverse Students’ PISA Mathematics Self-Concept and Achievement Scores. Large-scale Assessment.
  • Dai, S., *Hao, T., Ardasheva, Y., *Ramazan, O., Danielson, R. W., & Austin, B. W. (2023). PISA Reading Achievement: Identifying Predictors and examining Model Generalizability for Multilingual Students. Reading and Writing.
  • Danielson, R. W., Sinatra, G. M., Trevors, G., Muis, K. R., Pekrun, R., & Heddy, B. C. (2022). Can Multiple Texts Prompt Causal Thinking? The Role of Epistemic Emotions. Journal of Experimental Education.
  • Danielson, R. W., *Grace, E., White, A. J., Kelton, M. K., Owen, J. P., Saba Fisher, K., Diaz Martinez, A., & +Mozo, M. (2022). Facilitating Systems Thinking Through Arts-Based STEM Integration. Frontiers in STEM Education.
  • Taasoobshirazi, G., Heddy, B. C., Danielson, R. W., Abraham, E. R. I. & Joji, S. (2022). Development and psychometric analysis of the meta-representations survey for physics: Understanding students’ free-body diagrams. Journal of Learning Theory and Methodology, 3(3), 93-101
  • *Turk, M., Heddy, B. C., & Danielson, R. W. (2022). Teaching and social presences supporting basic needs satisfaction in online learning environments: How can presences and basic needs happily meet online? Computers & Education, 180, 104432.
  • Heddy, B. C, Lombardi, D., & Danielson, R. W. (2021). The Moral Side of the Climate Crisis: The Effect of Moral Conviction on Learning about Climate Change. The Educational and Developmental Psychologist Special Issue: Climate Crisis.
  • Lippmann, M., Danielson, R. W., Schwartz, N. H., Körndle, H., & Narciss, S. (2020). Effects of Keyword Tasks and Biasing Titles on Metacognition and Recall. Metacognition and Learning.
  • *Thacker, I., Sinatra, G. M., Muis, K. R., Danielson, R. W., Pekrun, R., Winne, P. H., & Chevrier, M. (2019). Using Persuasive Refutation Texts to Prompt Attitudinal and Conceptual Change. Journal of Educational Psychology.
  • Heddy, B. C., Taasoobshirazi, G., *Chancey, J. B., & Danielson, R. W. (2018). Developing and Validating a Conceptual Change Cognitive Engagement Instrument. Frontiers in Education. (Vol 3, p. 43).
  • Polikoff, M. S., Le, Q. T., Danielson, R. W., Sinatra, G. M., & Marsh, J. (2018). The Impact of Speedometry on Student Knowledge, Interest, and Emotions. Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness. 1-23,
  • Mason, L., Baldi, R., Di Ronco, S., Scrimin, S., Danielson, R. W., & Sinatra, G. M. (2017). Textual and graphical refutations: Effects on conceptual change learning. Contemporary Educational Psychology. 49, 275-288.
  • Danielson, R. W. & Sinatra, G. M. (2017). A Relational Reasoning Approach to Text-Graphic Processing. Educational Psychology Review, 29(1), 55-72.
  • Heddy, B. C., Danielson, R. W., Sinatra, G. M., & Graham, J. (2017). Modifying Knowledge, Emotions, and Attitudes about Genetically Modified Organisms. Journal of Experimental Education. 85(3), 513-533.
  • Danielson, R. W. & Sinatra, G. M., Kendeou, P. (2016). Augmenting the Refutation Text Effect with Metaphors and Graphics. Discourse Processes, 53(5-6), 392-414.
  • Lombardi, D., Danielson, R. W., and Young, N. (2016). A plausible connection: Critical evaluation, the refutation effect, and plausibility reappraisal. Learning and Instruction, 44 74-86.
  • Danielson, R. W., Schwartz, N. H., & Lippmann, M. (2015). Metaphorical Graphics Aid Learning and Memory. Learning and Instruction, 39, 194-205.

Book Chapters

  • Corwin, Z.B. & Danielson, R. (2016). Admission is the Mission: How First Generation Students Approach Learning About College Through Games. In: Diversifying Barbie and Mortal Kombat: Carnegie-Mellon Press
  • Sinatra, G. M., & Danielson, R. W. (2016). Adapting Evolution Education to a Warming Climate of Teaching and Learning. In Evolutionary Perspectives on Child Development and Education (pp. 271-290). Springer International Publishing.
  • Corwin, B. Z., Danielson, R. W., Ragusa, G., & Tierney, W., G. (2016). Can Games Facilitate Access to College? In: O’Neil, H. F., Baker, E. L., & Perez, R. S. (Eds.) Using Games and Simulations for Teaching and Assessment: Key Issues. Routledge/Taylor Francis.

Invited Op-Ed

College inks new MOU w/ Okinawa

Washington State University and the College of Education have signed two Memorandums of Understanding with Okinawa Prefecture city and educational leaders, to pave the way for more Okinawan students to attend WSU.

In consecutive signings, vice president for international programs Asif Chaudhry was the lead authority from WSU. The first signing was a program renewal that will bring secondary education students to the WSU campus in July for an immersive three-week experience. The Okinawa American Language and Culture Camp was housed under the Intensive American Language Center, but will transition away from the IALC and toward the College of Education.

“Our hope is to have even more programs with Japan, and, in this case, get even more Okinawan students,” said Paula Groves Price, the college’s associate dean for diversity and international programs.

As part of this renewal, associate professor of literacy Jane Kelley will spend a week in Japan in August also teaching English.

The other MOU was between the College of Education and the Kitanakagusuku Board of Education, for the Online Developing Okinawa Through English (DOTE) program. Using web conferencing and other technology, students in that Japanese school district will take part in a series of weekend classes to help advance their language acquisition and use.

Dean Mike Trevisan represented the College of Education in the signing.


Photos from the signing are located at:

Introducing: Vice Provost Kelly Ward

Professor Kelly Ward has been appointed as WSU’s new Vice Provost for Faculty Development and Recognition.

Similar to others who currently work in the provost office, Kelly’s appointment will be 80 percent as vice provost and 20 percent as a College of Education faculty member.

“Given her scholarship and experience, Kelly is enormously qualified for this position and will do well,” said college dean Mike Trevisan. “This appointment spotlights and promotes the skills and talents we have in the college.”

The position will be effective July 1, 2017.

Kelly Ward

Associate Deans Reappointed

College of Education reappoints two of its associate deans

March 23, 2017

By C. Brandon Chapman – College of Education Communications Director

Effective July 1, 2017, the College of Education has reappointed two of its associate deans for two more years: Paula Groves Price as associate dean for diversity and international programs, and Amy Roth McDuffie as associate dean for research and external funding.

College dean Mike Trevisan said both individuals have done a “superb” job in their respective roles, and that both are well suited to deal with their roles, including how they related to the Drive to 25 initiative.

He also said both have created a strong connection to their counterparts in other colleges, as well as those in central administration.

“Maintaining these relationships will help the college continue to connect in key ways to the broader university as we navigate institutional challenges over the next two years,” he said.

In making the decision, Trevisan consulted with the college leadership team, appropriate committees who worked extensively with either of the individuals, and data from the 360 administrative assessment.

Amy Roth McDuffie

Paula Groves Price

Under the Skin

Under the Skin

Under the Skin: An Introspective Look at the Self was a series of collaborative art workshops that invites everyone from communities in Pullman, Washington and Moscow, Idaho to have critical conversations about who we are.

#UnderTheSkin was an effort to build a critical and dialogical community  where we learn from one another. Collaborators from diverse ethnic backgrounds, academic perspectives, spiritual processes, activism and community work experiences guided participants through dialogues, creation, and healing. During this series, we had the opportunity to learn from Native American, Libyan, mixed race, Latina scholars. Values of social justice, spiritual activism, and equity, among others, inform our dialogues and processes.

View Archive of Events

Co-sponsored by: College of Education

College of Education Graduate School Information Session

Free info is great. But free fried chicken with that info? Even better!

WSU’s College of Education will answer questions for potential graduate students at its annual Fall Graduate Preview Day.

Thursday, November 1, 2018.
9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Cleveland Hall Room 70

It is open to anyone interested in a career in teaching, educational psychology, sport management, educational leadership, or exploring issues of culture and power in education.

Participants will learn about these programs, the application process, financial aid, scholarships and assistantships, will be able to meet faculty members, etc.

Also, yes, free food. Participants will be able to eat lunch with current graduate students and ask them questions.

To reserve a seat and receive an agenda, email or call 509-335-7016.