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College of Education

Under the Skin

Under the Skin: An Introspective Look at the Self is a series of collaborative art workshops that invites everyone from communities in Pullman, Washington and Moscow, Idaho to have critical conversations about who we are.

#UnderTheSkin is an effort to build a critical and dialogical community  where we learn from one another.  Collaborators from diverse ethnic backgrounds, academic perspectives, spiritual processes, activism and community work experiences will guide us through dialogues, creation, and healing. This semester we will have the opportunity to learn from Native American, Libyan, mixed race, Latina scholars.  Values of social justice, spiritual activism, and equity, among others, inform our dialogues and processes.

September 7: Writing With Trees: Exploring Identity & Entanglement

Sept 28: Yvonne Berliner & Nancy Carvajal

October 19: Phill Allen

October 26: Faith Price

November 9: Intissar Yahia

November 30: John Pepion


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