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Washington State University
College of Education

Mestizo Center

“Houseless Testimonios of Survival & Resistance”

Please join the Alhadeff Future Teachers of Color in a free workshop: “My Story is the Only Thing I Own: Houseless’ Testimonios of Survival & Resistance” on October 19 from 1:00-2:00 p.m. in EdAd 212.

This workshop will be facilitated by Nancy Carvajal Medina, a doctoral candidate in Cultural Studies and Social Thought in Education.

Workshop Information:

What are the stories of unstably housed people in rural areas? What do we know about rural homelessness? What actions can we take to support community members who experience housing instability?

In this session we will listen to a snapshot of one houseless’ testimonio and will share our insights about what it entails experiencing housing instability. Bring your whole self (mindbodyspirit) to enter into a houseless’ world.

WSU students are highly encouraged to attend. Faculty, staff, and community members are also welcome.

"My Story is the Only Thing I Own"

Under the Skin: An Introspective Look at the Self

Workshop 4: Our Voice, Our Stories.


Danica Wixom                                                                                    Nancy Carvajal

Our story: We met on  a Sketch Wednesday back in 2014.  We listened to one another and learned from Danica’s art stories and Nancy’s involvement with the community. A year passed by. On a sketch Wednesday in August 2015 we recognized and started dialoguing. Since then, our common interest in supporting and creating communities and our love for art has allowed us not only to stay connected but also to become friends. We are glad that we did not have to wait for another year to pass in order to value, learn and appreciate one another’s presence and story.

Join us on this session where we will be using acrylics to make some self-portraits. We promise we will have fun! See you soon.


Under the Skin: An Introspective Look at the Self.

Anna Plemons

Workshop: Writing Personal Identity Narratives.

“We are named by others and we are named by ourselves” Barbara Cameron

Join us in our second session where we will explore ways to tell WHO we are. Good food and dialogue. See you all soon.

Invited to check this interesting piece as a result of Dr. Plemmon’s work in prisons “Tattooing Scar Tissue: Making Meaning in the Prison Classroom


Anna Plemons is the director of the Critical Literacies Achievement and Success Program at WSU and is also a faculty member in the Department of English.  Since 2009, she has also taught personal narrative through the Arts in Corrections Program at California State Prison-Sacramento.  Anna is very interested in how people write and tell their stories and how those stories help people understand themselves and others in powerful ways.

Co-sponsored by:  Associate Dean for Diversity and International Programs and ARTS SEB.