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Washington State University
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Under the Skin — Archive

Under the Skin: An Introspective Look at the Self is a series of workshops that invites everyone from communities in Pullman, Washington and Moscow, Idaho to have critical conversations about labels, stereotypes and ways of self-identification.

Immersed in convulsed societal and academic environments where discourses and actions divides us, isolate us, and fragment us, this series is an invitation to use arts (photography, acrylics, collage, video, creative writing) to tell stories of how we want to be perceived in communities we make part of and we want to belong to. No artistic skills are needed. Just the desire to dialogue, develop critical understandings of people from diverse ethnic backgrounds and hopefully walking towards paths of healing as a community. Every one of us will be responsible for making of this a safe space. We will be sharing food, getting to know and understand one another, and express ourselves through arts. A collective creation is the final goal of the series.

Let us critique and re-signify labels and stereotypes. Let US tell OUR stories through ARTS.

All workshops will be held at the Mestizo Center, Cleveland Hall 121, from noon until 2:00 p.m. Food will be provided.

Here are previous workshops that were held:

Co-sponsored by:  Associate Dean for Diversity and International Programs; Clearinghouse on Native Teaching & Learning; Plateau Center for Native American Research & Collaborations and ARTS SEB.