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Sport Management Research Meeting: Jordan Hunter

Jordan Hunter, a graduate assistant for competitive sports and special events at University Recreation and sport management student, will speak in the first Sport Management Research Meeting of the Fall 2018 semester. His presentation, “Trust the Process: Training Initiatives for Officials,” will occur 4-5 p.m. on Wednesday, September 26, in Cleveland Hall 255 in Pullman.

This presentation will examine how Washington State University Recreation adjusted its officials’ development techniques to better serve the students who need more attention while being trained as sports officials. The format of the clinics was changed to focus more on long-term officiating benefits and developing the whole official. University Recreation wants to put officials in a position where they feel empowered to do a good job while officiating and ultimately retain them as an official and allowing them to advance within its programs.

Sport Management Research Meetings are organized by the Sport Management program at Washington State University. They occur monthly and feature faculty and student presentations of ongoing and completed research projects. Students and faculty from all programs are welcome to attend.

The next research meetings this semester will occur on October 17 and November 7.

Those who miss the presentations but are interested in the topic can access the video archive of past presentations.



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Cihan Demir

Cihan Demir standing outside Cleveland Hall, hands in pockets.

Cihan Demir

Research Assistant
Pullman campus
Cleveland Hall LPRC
Pullman, WA  99164


Cihan Demir is a Master’s student in the Educational Psychology program at Washington State University. In his research, he is interested in applying the following methodologies: Computerized Adaptive Testing (CAT), Item Response Theory (IRT), and Meta-Analysis.

Cihan is originally from Turkey. After receiving his B.S. and M.Ed degree in Division of Philosophy Group Education, he taught philosophy, psychology and sociology classes in a high school in Turkey for three years. He then received a scholarship from the Turkish Ministry of Education, allowing him to come to the U.S. to pursue an additional Master’s degree, followed by a Ph.D in the same program.

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