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College of Education

Bruce Austin


Bruce W. Austin

Research Associate
Educational Psychology and
Pullman campus
Cleveland Hall 364
Pullman, WA  99164




Bruce Austin holds two master’s degrees, one in Educational Psychology, and one in Statistics.  He is a research associate working with the university’s Learning and Performance Research Center (LPRC).

Research Interests

My research interest is in the development of statistical techniques that address issues and standards of fairness and equity in assessment data. Specific areas include measurement invariance, response styles, psychometric methods, and methods for identifying and correcting sources of non-invariance in predictive equations that produce test bias or differential prediction. I have developed correction factors to improve predictive validity caused by slope and intercept bias across groups. An additional line of research includes examining the use of measures of variability as predictor variables.

He has experience using a wide variety of statistical methods including structural equation models, latent class analysis, Bayesian methods, item response models, multilevel modeling, mixture modeling, imputation of missing data, sampling, weighting, and various data simulation methods.  He is continually funded on various projects as a Research Associate at WSU.


One of Mr. Austin’s most satisfying projects to work on as been the Washington Assessment of the Risks and Needs of Students (WARNS). WARNS helps provide direct support to truant youth in Washington State and across the nation including under-served populations.  Mandated by the legislature for use by high schools in Washington State, the WARNS is an online assessment tool for truant youth that is designed to assess the needs of students at risk of becoming involved with the juvenile justice system.


Mr. Austin also enjoys the privilege of teaching Educational Statistics (Ed Psych 508) in the Educational Psychology department.

Recent Publications and Presentations

Austin, E. W., Austin, B. W., French, B. F., & Cohen, M. (2018). The effects of a nutrition media literacy intervention on parents’ and youths’ communication about food. Journal of Health Communication, 23(2), 190-199.

Austin, B., French, B., Adesope, O., & Gotch, C. (2017). Use of Standard Deviations as Predictors in Models Using Large-Scale International Data Sets. The Journal of Experimental Education, 85(4), 559-573.

Hoffman, E. W., Austin, E. W., Pinkleton, B. E., & Austin, B. W. (2017). An Exploration of the Associations of Alcohol-Related Social Media Use and Message Interpretation Outcomes to Problem Drinking Among College Students. Health Communication, 1-8.

Austin, E., Austin, B., French, B., & Cohen, M. (2017, May). The Effects of a Nutrition Media Literacy Intervention on Parents and Children. Paper presentation at the 2017 meeting of the International Communication Association, San Diego, CA.

Austin, B., French, B., Alpizar, D. (2017, April). Response Styles and the Mixed PCM IRT Model: A Simulation. Paper presentation at the 2017 meeting of the National Council of Measurement in Education, San Antonio, TX.

Austin, E. W., Muldrow, A. F., & Austin, B. W. (2016). Examining How Media Literacy and Personality Factors Predict Skepticism toward Alcohol Advertising. Journal of Health Communication, 21(5), 600-609.

Austin, B., Adesope, O. O., French, B., & Gotch, C.; Bélanger, J.; Kubacka, K. (2015), Examining school context and its influence on teachers: linking Talis 2013 with PISA 2012 student data. OECD Education Working Papers, No. 115, OECD Publishing, Paris.

Previous Experience

Bruce has worked for the Social & Economic Sciences Research Center at WSU as a project manager, data analyst, and statistical consultant.

Additionally, Bruce owned his own woodworking and furniture business back in the 1990’s.

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