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College of Education

Simon Licen


Simon Licen

Assistant Professor
Sport Management
Pullman campus
Cleveland Hall 261
Pullman, WA  99164-2136


Curriculum Vitae
Research interests

Simon Ličen’s (LEE-chen) primary research interests include mass media, journalism, broadcasting, and social media in sports, the negotiation of identity through the media, and the media in international, post-socialist and post-colonial societies. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the International Association for Communication and Sport. He has additional research experience in sociology of sport, social policy, and kinesiology.

Teaching/professional interests

Dr. Ličen has taught undergraduate courses in Media and Communication in Sport, and Sport in American Society, as well as a course in Sport Media and Communication at the graduate level. In the summer of 2015, he was a visiting lecturer at the Beijing Sport University (China) where he taught a course in Sport Journalism. Before joining Washington State University, he taught at the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia). He held guest lectures at the University of Alabama, University of Ljubljana, and University of Primorska (Slovenia). Among other, he also served as the Director of Media and Communications of a WTA Tour (women’s professional tennis) event, was a member of the UNESCO Slovenian National Commission, and contributed to the organization of the Ljubljana Marathon and the U20 European Basketball Championship for Men.


Dr. Ličen is frequently interviewed, quoted, cited, and referenced by media all across the globe. Here is just a sampling of some places you can find his name:

  • Op-Ed in Huffington Post. Read more.
  • Interviewed by Radio Slovenija on media coverage of sports. Listen.
  • Quoted by Radio Capodistria, an Italian-Slovenian radio station, on expectations from the Rio 2016 Olympics. Read more.
  • Interviewed by Radio Slovenija on sport, media, and capital ahead of the Rio Olympics. Listen.
  • Interviewed by WalletHub ahead of the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. Read more.
  • Quoted by in connection to an international study on the Olympics. Read more.
  • Interviewed by TV Koper-Capodistria, a Slovenian TV station. Watch (31:54 onward).
  • Interviewed in Jalka, an Estonian football (soccer) monthly. Read more.
  • Quoted by The Guardian. Read more.
  • Interviewed by Pacific Standard Magazine. Read more.
  • Quoted by Washington State Magazine. Read more.
SELECTED Recent accomplishments

Ličen, S., Lončar, M., Delorme, N., Horky, T., & Jakubowska, H. (2016). International newspaper coverage of the 2013 EuroBasket for men. Communication & Sport, published OnlineFirst. Read it!

Ličen, S. (2015). The eternal talent, the French Senegalese, and the coach’s troop: Broadcasting soccer on Slovenian public television. Soccer and Society, 16(5-6), 657-673. Read it!

Ličen, S. (2013). Slovenia. In Horky, T. and Nieland, J.-U., International Sports Press Survey 2011 (pp. 148-162). Norderstedt: Book on Demand.

Ličen, S. (2013).  “Black as Kenenisa Bekele in a tunnel”: Representation of African athletes in Slovenian Olympic broadcasting. Ecquid Novi: African Journalism Studies, 34(2), 93-108. Read it!

Ličen, S. & Billings, A.C. (2013).  Affirming nationality in trans-national circumstances: Slovenian coverage of continental franchise sports competitions. International Review for the Sociology of Sport, 48(6), 751-767. Read it!

Ličen, S. & Billings, A.C. (2013).  Cheering for “our” champs by watching “sexy” female throwers: Representation of nationality and gender in Slovenian 2008 Summer Olympic television coverage. European Journal of Communication, 28(4), 379-396. Read it!

Educational background

Ph.D., University of Ljubljana, Journalism/Social Sciences, 2011

B.A., University of Ljubljana, Journalism, 2005

Washington State University