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Brian F. French


Brian French


Educational psychology
Pullman campus
Cleveland hall 362
pullman, WA  99164-2136


Curriculum Vitae

Research interests

Brian French’s research focuses on educational and psychological measurement issues. The first area concerns the application of psychometric methods to gather score validity evidence for instruments. The second area, informed by the first, is the use of methodological studies to evaluate and improve methods in terms of efficiency and accuracy used to gather test score validity evidence. A sample of topics of interest include: Measurement Invariance, Structural Equation Modeling, Item Response Theory, Classical Test Theory, Factor Analysis, Monte Carlo studies.

Teaching/professional interests

Dr. French teaches courses in measurement/psychometrics, statistics, research methods, and quantitative methods.

Recent Accomplishments

  • French, B. F., Hand, B., Therrien, W. J., & Valdivia Vazquez, J. A. (2012). Detection of sex differential item functioning in the Cornell Critical Thinking Test. European Journal of Psychological Assessment, 28, 201-207.
  • Finch, W. H., & French, B.F. (2012). A comparison of methods for estimating confidence intervals for omega squared effect size. Educational and Psychological Measurement, 72, 68-77.
  • Finch, W. H., & French, B. F. (2012). Parameter estimation with Mixture Item Response Theory Models:  A Monte Carlo comparison of Maximum Likelihood and Bayesian methods. Journal of Modern Applied Statistical Methods, 11, 167-178.
  • Breidenbach, D. H., & French, B. F. (2012). A factor analytic study of the structure of the Brigance comprehensive inventory of basic skills-II. Journal of Psychoeducational Assessment, 30, 478-487.
  • Capobianco, B., French, B. F., & Diefus-Dux, H. (2012). Constructing measures for the engineering identity development scale (EIDS) among pre-adolescent learners. Journal of Engineering Education, 101, 698-716.
  • Duffin, L. C., French, B. F., & Patrick, H. (2012). A confirmatory factor analysis of pre-service teacher scores from the teachers’ sense of efficacy scale. Teaching and Teacher Education, 28, 827-834.
  • Trevisan, M. S., French, B. F., & Adesope, O. (2012). Including contextual factors in the reporting of school improvement. Washington Educational Research Journal. 5, 2-7.
  • Kirk, K. I., Prusick, L., French, B. F., Gotch, C. M., Eisenberg, L. S., & Young, N. (2012). Assessing spoken word recognition in children who are deaf or hard of hearing:  A translational approach. Journal of American Academy of Audiology, 23,464-475.
  • French, B. F., & Finch, W. H. (2013). Extensions of Mantel-Haenszel for multilevel DIF detection. Educational and Psychological Measurement, 73, 648-671.
  • French, B. F., & Gotch, C. M. (2013). Sex differences in item functioning in the comprehensive inventory of basic skills-II vocabulary assessments. Journal of Psychoeducational Assessment. 31, 410-417.
  • Gotch, C. M., & French, B. F. (2013). Elementary teachers’ knowledge and self-efficacy for measurement concepts. The Teacher Educator, 48, 46-57.
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  • Barabasz, A., Barabasz, M., Christensen, C., French, B., & Watkins, J. G.  (2013).Efficacy of single session ego state therapy for Combat Stress Injury, PTSD, and ASD: A placebo controlled investigation, International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis, 61 1-19.
  • Finch, W. H., & French, B. F. (2013) Bayesian modeling of differential item functioning:Type I error and power rates in the presence of nonnormal ability distributions, impact, and anchor set contamination, International Journal of Quantitative Research in Education, 1, 341-362.
  • Park, G-P., & French, B. F., (2013). Gender differences in the foreign language classroom anxiety scale. System, 41, 462-471.
  • French, B. F., & Finch, W. H. (2013). Extensions of Mantel-Haenszel for multilevel DIF detection. Educational and Psychological Measurement, 73, 648-671.
  • Gotch, C. M., & French, B. F. (2014). A systematic review of assessment literacy measures. Educational Measurement: Issues and Practice, 33, 14-18.
  • Capobianco, B. M., Yu, J. H., & French, B. F. (2014). Effects of Engineering Design-based Science on Elementary School Science Students’ Engineering Identity Development across Gender and Grade. Research in Science Education. DOI: 10.1007/s11165-014-9422-1.
  • Pearl, A., French, B. F., & Dumas, J. E., Beagle, A., & Prinz, R. (2014). Bidirectional effects of parenting quality and child externalizing behavior in predominantly single parent, under-resourced african american families. Journal of Child and Family Studies, 23, 177-188.
  • Finch, W.H. & French, B.F.  (2014). The impact of group pseudo-guessing parameter differences on the detection of uniform and nonuniform DIF.  Psychological Test and Assessment Modeling, 56, 25-44.
  • Finch, W. H., & French, B. F. (in press). Modeling of nonrecursive structural equation models with categorical indicators, Structural Equation Modeling.
  • Finch, W. H., & French, B. F. (in press). Multilevel latent class analysis: parametric and nonparametric models, Journal of Experimental Education.


  • Ph.D., Educational Psychology, Purdue University
  • M.S., Educational Psychology,  Purdue University
  • B.A., Psychology and Spanish, Seattle University
Washington State University