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Washington State University
College of Education

Margaret Vaughn

Margaret Vaughn

Associate Professor
Language, Literacy, and Technology
Pullman Campus
Cleveland Hall 341


Curriculum Vitae

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Research interests

Margaret Vaughn is an associate professor of Language, Literacy & Technology. Her research focuses on adaptive and equitable literacy practices and the role of student agency in literacy instruction. As a former classroom teacher, she explores ways to support and advocate for the profession, conducting research with and alongside of teachers and students in schools.

Teaching/Professional interests

Dr. Vaughn joined the College of Education in January 2021. Currently, she teaches methods of literacy instruction for undergraduate students.

Selected publications

  • Vaughn, M., Parsons, S.A., & Massey, D. (2020). Aligning the science of reading with adaptive teaching. Reading Research Quarterly, 55(1), 299-306.
  • Vaughn, M., Premo, J., Erickson, D., & McManus, C. (2020). Student agency in literacy:  Validation of the Student Agency Profile (StAP). Reading Psychology, 42(1),1-26.
  • Vaughn, M. (2020). What is student agency and why is it needed now more than ever. Student agency: Theoretical implications for practice [themed journal issue]. Theory Into Practice, 59(2), 109-118.
  • Vaughn, M., Premo, J.T., Sotirovska, V. Erickson, D. (2020). Evaluating agency in literacy using the Student Agency Profile (StAP). The Reading Teacher, 73(4), 1-20.
  • Vaughn, M., Scales, R.Q., Stevens, E., Kline, S., Barrett-Tatum, J., Van Wig, A., Yoder, K.K., & Wellman, D. (2019). Understanding literacy adoption policies across contexts: A multi-state examination of literacy curriculum decision-making. Journal of Curriculum Studies,1-20.
  • Vaughn, M. & Kuby, C.R. (2019). Fostering critical, relational visionaries: Autoethnographic processes in teacher education. Action in Teacher Education, 41(2),117-136.
  • Parsons, S.A., Vaughn, M., Scales, R., Gallagher, M., Davis, S., & Ward-Parsons, A.  (2018) Teachers’ instructional adaptations: A research synthesis. Review of Educational Research, 88(2), 205-242.
  • Vaughn, M. (2018). Making sense of student agency in the early grades.  Phi Delta Kappan, 99(7), 62-66.
  • Vaughn, M., Hillman, K., McKarcher, T., & Latella, C. (2017). Exploring a pathway to reshape school-wide literacy practices for Indigenous students. 75-80. J. Reyhner (Ed), Honoring our teachers. University of Oklahoma Press.
  • Vaughn, M., Penney-Pinkham, D., Hillman, K., McKarcher, T., Terry, B. S., Latella, C., Whipple. T., & Finnell, B. (2015). Locating Coyote: Reorienting the literacy curriculum to empower Indigenous students and educators. J. Richards, & K.Zenkov (Eds.), Empowering diverse learners and their teachers: Closing the instructional gap through social justice teaching. 57-71. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.


  • Best Paper Award, Literacy Assessment, Learning, and Teaching, Area 3, Literacy Research Association, 2020
  • Fulbright Specialist Roster, U.S. State Department, 2020-2024
  • Review of Research Award, American Educational Research Association, 2019
  • Distinguished Research in Teacher Education, Association of Teacher Educators, 2018
  • Exemplary Paper Award, Classroom Observation SIG, American Educational Research Association, 2018
  • Mid-Career President’s Faculty Award, University of Idaho, 2016
  • Excellence in Scholarship Award, University of Idaho, 2015
  • Haslett Distinguished Faculty Fellow Award, University of Idaho, 2013-2014
  • Teacher Education Award, Horace Mann National Teacher Education Award, 2007

Educational Background

  • Ph.D. Curriculum and Instruction, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, 2010
  • M.Ed. Elementary Education, Drexel University, 2001
  • B.A. Urban Studies, University of Pennsylvania, 1999