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Washington State University

Fall Education Summit

Washington Superintendent of Public Instruction Chris Reykdal will headline this year’s Fall Education Summit, held Saturday, Oct. 15, at WSU Tri‑Cities.

As an elected official, Reykdal leads the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, the primary agency charged with overseeing public K–12 education in Washington state. Reykdal, a 1994 alumnus of WSU’s College of Education, took office in 2017.

State school superintendent Chris Reykdal.


The College of Education has hosted the event annually since 2018, with exception of 2020, as a way teachers and educational administrators can collaborate across disciplines, campuses, and programs, as well as earn their continuous education credits.

“We’re really excited that our OSPI superintendent will be here as the keynote, as well as be part of a panel that day,” said Judy Morrison, the college’s WSU Tri‑Cities academic director. “We’ll also have some strands on STEM education, equity education… it’ll be a very interesting summit.”

Reykdal plans to speak about the role of educators in restoring a civil society.

“The evidence is so clear that incivility surrounds us,” he said. “Incivility is not an accident, but we do have the tools to retore a greater respect for each other.”

One key highlight of the summit will be the opportunity for WSU students to participate free of charge. This includes a research poster session for graduate students doing collaborative research with faculty members. In up to five cases, WSU Tri‑Cities will provide up to $200 for these students to travel and present at the campus.

“This will give many students their first taste at professional development, as well as networking with others from the area,” WSU Tri‑Cities faculty member Lindsay Lightner said. “Hopefully it will be a good chance for them to relax, learn, and think about the rest of the school year ahead.”

Individuals can register by visiting Registration closes Monday, Oct. 10.

As it has for multiple years, the event will be sponsored by STCU.

Clearinghouse on Native Teaching & Learning

Clearinghouse on Native
Teaching and Learning


Clearinghouse Mission

We help pre-service and in-service teachers to connect with students in local public schools through professional development and community collaboration using the WA state Tribal Sovereignty Curriculum.

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Since Time Immemorial

All 29 Washington Native tribes have endorsed this state-mandated curriculum (SB 5433) which supports the teaching of tribal sovereignty, history, and current issues. Each unit is aligned with national and state standards and builds toward the successful completion of a Content-Based Assessment.

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Meet our staff

We bring Indigenous perspective to Washington public schools. Both members of our staff are from federally-recognized tribal nations and areas of interest include: Indigenous teacher education, policy, advocacy, special education, and culturally-responsive curriculum and training. This includes working in both reservation and urban communities.
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Mathematics and Science Education Annual Retreat

math science phd retreat photo-story

Nothing beats face-to-face collaboration!

The Math and Science Ed Ph.D. program’s annual retreat is an investment that yields high returns.

Each fall, all students and faculty in the program hold an annual retreat on the Tri-Cities campus. While teleconferencing and other technologies allow all program members a chance to connect on a regular basis, this retreat gives a yearly chance to reconnect in a face-to-face environment.

Conversations and work at the retreat support future collaborations and often lead to joint publications and presentations. The retreat also provides opportunities for self-reflection and peer feedback, enhancement of the strong learning community that exists inside the program, and input on the content and focus of the program.

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