By C. Brandon Chapman

WSU’s Association for Faculty Women has named counseling psychology graduate student Aubrie Schlegel with one of its two annual Founders Award.

Schlegel – who was nominated for the award by associate professor Lali McCubbin – will receive the award on Thu., April 9.4P7A0727_adj_smaller

“It was really awesome even just being nominated for the award by my advisor,” Schlegel said.

Schlegel’s work

Along with McCubbin, associate professor Pam Bettis, and clinical assistant professor Chad Gotch, Schlegel began working on a project for her thesis that is meant to promote knowledge and dispel myths about human trafficking.

“We wanted to help spread awareness and hopefully help show people just how much we as the public really can do to help,” she said.

That work included producing a 16-minute video that provided information on trafficking, dispelled myths and provided students with resources on how they could become involved in the fight against trafficking.

In award notification, professor Laura Griner Hill who chairs the AFW Graduate Student Awards Committee, wrote: “All of us on the review committee were heartened and inspired by the amazing work done by our very best graduate students, and proud that you will represent us in your developing career. I honor the journey that you have traveled to make a positive difference in the university, in your field, and in the world at large.”

Congrats to Aubrie.