By criminal justice major Tipton Hayes

Visiting Korea, has been a great experience. I have always been a transit- and walking-to-your-destination type of person. As we started are experience it was a one and half hour drive from the airport to our new place on the other side of Seoul. It was nice to take a cab from the airport but, given the copious amount of transportation options that Seoul, has. I was looking forward to taking the rail into the university.

I love being able to walk down to the subway system and hop on a rail car and be there quickly. It has been a great experience to be on the subway and meet with Koreans. I also love that you can use the internet on a rail car. I think that is fantastic. Korean phones also have TV on them. Accessible transportation to sport venues is essential in order to provide quick entry and fast egress once the event is completed. My photos were taken at Doota mall, overlooking Dondgaemun History and Culture park. Dongdaemun subway stop is a few blocks away from these to fabulous places located in Euljiro. There are many shops in this area of town you can get anything very cheaply and even bargain the price down. This is also a site of a baseball stadium it has now been repurposed after artifacts were found. A museum is also there to show case many of the old equipment from the stadium and player memorabilia. The space was very tiny but, seemed full of items from the 1920, 30, 40 and etcetera.

Hopping from metro to train, bus, or cab has been extremely simple. One can even use their bus card for a cab fare. This to me shows to me that the systems are very intelligently integrated. I have yet to take a cab that had a fare more then $7.

Everyday our professors have planned out an event, even if we do not visit a sport facility there are many event management areas in play. We have been lucky to receive personal tours from the palaces that we visit. It takes a while to learn about the venues and I really appreciate how knowledgeable the staff are when listening to them tell us about the venue or when I ask questions.