By C. Brandon Chapman
College of Education

A blog doesn’t do anyone any good if nobody posts to it. And, when the account information (and password) are tied to an individual, instead of the organization, you risk losing all log-in info when that person seeks new occupational opportunities elsewhere.

Brandon Chapman, Director of Marketing and Communications

Yeah, that happened to the College of Education. -1 for us.

We’re back now! It took six months, two hackers, 14 toothpicks, a corn-fed harvest mouse, three separate web algorithms, and an in-person visit from Snoop Dogg (long story).

But we digress. The main point to be made is we’re back, we’re happy about it, and we’re going to use this as a way to communicate things that maybe need a little extra communicating. Or maybe we want to speak to the masses and not sound so darned formal.

It’ll be a concerted effort to post frequently enough to capture some interest, but not too frequently that you want to disassociate yourself from us! We’ll cross departments and programs, new initiatives with long-standing traditions.

Maybe it’s something about research, maybe our development efforts, maybe diversity efforts. We’ll just mix it up.

As cool as this sounds, this blog is not to be confused with the dean’s blog, aptly named Dean’s Perspectives, in which our trusted leader simply wows us with his awesomeness.

Enjoy the ride!