Katie Gray, basketball standout
Katie Gray

Jo Washburn, highlighted in the last EduCoug post, isn’t the only College of Education alum who will be honored at the Washington State University Athletic Hall of Fame induction ceremony next weekend. In fact, 15 of the 31 inductees are from our college. That’s a great reminder of the contributions that physical education students, in particular, have made to the university.

Here are the names of the athletics pioneers being honored, with those of our alumni shown in bold.

Harold Ahlskog, 1928-30 Football; Rick Austin, 1967-68 Baseball; Ed Barker, 1950-52 Football; Ron Bennink, 1953-55 Basketball; Gordie Brunswick, 1947-50 Baseball and Football; Carl Dietz, 1912-15 Football and Track; John Divine, 1925-27 Track; Pete Duncan, 1969-70 Baseball; Jack Elway 1953 Football and Coach; Bill Faller, 1946-48 Baseball; Doug Flansburg, 1965-67 Football; Dan Frisella, 1965-66 Baseball; Dixie Garner, 1938-40 Track; Doug Gibb, 1942-74 Swimming Coach and 1940-41 Swimming; Boyd Gittins, 1967-69 Track; Gordy Gladson, 1952-55 Boxing.

Doug Gibb, WSU Athletics Hall of Fame
Doug Gibb

Jennifer Gray, 1972-75 Basketball; Katie Gray 1974-77 Basketball; Pat Haley, 1941-44 Track; Bobby McGuire, 1948-50 Baseball; Jack Melson, 1948-51 Boxing; Bob Newman, 1956-58 Football and 1957 Baseball; Julie Newnam, 1976-80 Skiing and Biathlon; Carl O’Donnell, 1963-65 Track; Dick Rall, 1956-58 Boxing; Art Sandison, 1967-70 Track; Karl Schlademan, 1927-40 Track Coach; Paul Swift, 1931-33 Track; Bill Tomaras, 1948-59 Wrestling Coach; Laurie Turner, 1976-79 Basketball and Joanne Washburn, 1965-82 administrator.