Graduates Ismael Vivanco and Mike Villarreal with faculty and Butch T. Cougar
With Butch, from left: Gene Sharratt, Ismael Vivanco, Mike Villarreal, Paul Pitre

If you’re an educator, you’d better watch out for Mike Villarreal. He’s likely to corner you and ask: “When was the last time you told someone they’d make a good teacher?” In the WSU Today article Friends earn education doctorates together, Mike explains how someone did that for him, changing the course of his life.

He and his buddy Ish Vivanco posed with Butch T. Cougar and two of their favorite professors at Friday’s WSU Spokane commencement.

It’s the best time of the year for stories of mentoring, inspiration and hard work. For other good graduation vibes, see the sound slide show put together by the WSU news staff of Pullman’s ceremonies. The energy was still going strong by the third commencement of the day, when education graduates were honored. There are some College of Education photos here.

And remember, we’re only halfway through the Cougar commencement season. Tri-Cities ceremonies will be Friday; Vancouver’s, on Saturday.