Justin Hougham greets visitors at the WSU Organic Farm

Sometimes EduCoug is mostly an excuse for sharing pictures.  Hence, these shots of WSU College of Education lecturer and Ph.D. alum Justin Hougham, who also plows a lot of his time into the WSU Organic Farm.

Justin finds a lesson in every plant

His role as the farm’s education and outreach coordinator is one reason behind the Palouse Pollinators series highlighted in the WSU Today article “Workshops harvest lessons from food.”  When he’s not on the farm or presiding over an indoor classroom, Justin might be found at the Pullman farmers’ market. Or at the University of Idaho, where he also shares his passion for wholesome food.

The other reason for the workshops is doctoral student Francene Watson — a graduate assistant, community activist and former classroom teacher. Together, they’re helping keep the college involved in the important cause of place-based education.

You can see pictures of the Palouse Pollinators field day on the College of Education’s Shutterfly site.  Also posted there:  photos from last week’s Future Teachers and Leaders of Color dinner.

You may not know …
French filmmakers were on the Palouse last weekend to interview Associate Professor Pamela Bettis, an expert on gender issues.  The crew is making an hour-long documentary on cheerleading, “which the French find fascinating,” Pam says.

Professor Joy Egbert sent along a population report from the Language and Literacy Education program:  “Ph.D. students Emma Lin and Maysoun Ali both had their babies this week!”