Guy Westhoff sm
Guy Westhoff

Guy Westhoff couldn’t make it to the Association for Educational Communications and Technology conference, where he was slated to receive an award for outstanding service to the group’s Teacher Education Division.  True to its mission, the association solved the problem with technology.  Guy accepted his award via a Skype video call.  (The new “next best thing to being there”?) A clinical assistant professor in Pullman, he served for four years on the association’s board.   His research efforts include using blogs as a means to increase technology integration with pre-service teachers … something the EduCoug  heartily endorses.

The expertise of another faculty member has been recognized by the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators, which elected Amy Roth McDuffie to its board of directors. Amy, an associate professor in the Tri-Cities, believes passionately that classroom lessons should reflect current research and theory on how students come to understand mathematics.  She is a key  player in curriculum development at the new Delta High School.

Facebookers: Become a fan of WSUCOE
The Washington State University College of Education has had a Facebook page for less than a week, and the number of fans is growing daily.  Because fan page posts show up in their news feeds, users are finding it a lot more visible than the soon-to-be-phased-out college Facebook group that’s been online since last February.

Good experience and good vibes
converged this fall, when sport management students in Assistant Professor John Wong‘s Facility and Event Management course organized events– from bowling to poker tournaments–that raised money and collected food for charity.  The students, divided into six groups,  raked in more than $1,100 for organizations as well as 270 pounds of food for the Pullman Food Bank.  Their dollar contributions broke down thusly:  Sport Management Club, $275;  YMCA , $400; Grey “W” club, $117;  Coy McKay Fund, $257;  Pullman Parks and Recreation,  $200.

T&L folks, have a little spare time over the holidays?
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