Geoff Jensen

Sad but true:  It’s Geoff Jensen’s last day with the College of Education.  He’s going to burn some vacation time before his position as Web developer officially ends in a few weeks due to state budget cuts.

Geoff has made our large Web site a well-organized and attractive recruiting device, newsletter, directory, public face to the world … in other words, the ultimate multipurpose Internet tool.  It is a distinctive site even while it meets WSU graphic standards. We’ll miss Geoff’s technical and artistic skills and, most of all, his good cheer. He sends this note:

“It’s been such an absolute pleasure to work as part of the College of Education team for the last two and a half years, I’m going to miss you all! Seattle is treating me well – plenty to keep me busy. I’ll be doing both freelance and contract work in the field of user-interface and user-experience design. I’m also looking into earning an advanced degree at UW in Human-Centered Design & Engineering, where new methods of human-computer interaction are researched and developed.  These are times of big changes, but I’m excited to be moving forward in my career. Thank you all so much for the help and support you’ve given me. The College of Ed is a very special place to work and I know it will only get better.”

If you’d like to contact Geoff, his WSU address will be working for a few weeks:

A new face and new talent
The College of Education has its first communications intern this fall. Meet Sarah Goehri (pronounced Gary), who will be writing about college people and programs.  Sarah is a senior in the Murrow College of Communication and has her eye on a marketing/PR career.

Faculty notes
Assistant Professor Jane Kelley is quoted in the Daily Evergreen article, “Reading Rainbow closes the book.”

Professor Michael Pavel has been selected for the Patricia Whitefoot Award for Leadership in Education and has been asked to serve as an advisor for  the American Association of Colleges and Universities’ Making Excellence Inclusive program.