Judy Mitchell, front and center for the College of Education

As news of Judy Mitchell’s death sank in, I remembered that last week’s blog post featured her in a convergence of two of her happiest roles: ambassador for the College of Education, and sports fan. She was pictured at a fund-raising event for the Martinez Foundation,  standing beside WSU’s President Floyd at Safeco Field.  The photo above shows her with other faculty members, applauding a spring arts celebration starring Pullman students.

Judy was kind, smart, strong-willed. A tough cookie with a warm center. Just the kind of person I like as a boss — although, when I once used that word to introduce her, she chided me. She didn’t explain, but I’m sure the description wasn’t collegial enough for her.

You’re welcome to use the comment function on this blog to share your own memories, and/or e-mail them to Your thoughts will be shared with Judy’s family. Perhaps I should say: Judy’s other family. — Julie Titone