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Washington State University
College of Education

Kinesiology Grad Program Faculty, Staff, and Graduate Teaching Assistants


Robert Catena, Gait and Posture Biomechanics Lab
  • Research Interests: human balance control, pregnancy fall risk
  • Current research questions:
    • Why is there a mismatch between actual fall events during pregnancy and postpartum recall of fall events?
    • What changes during pregnancy factor into increased fall risk?
    • How did gestation shape hominin bipedal evolution?
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Chris Connolly, Exercise Physiology and Performance Lab
  • Research Interests: triathlon safety, medical care of ultra-endurance athletes, optimizing triathlete training and performance
  • Current research questions:
    • What is the global incidence of severe in-race triathlon injuries, illnesses, and death?
    • What in-race competition and pre-race training factors predict the severity of these injuries and illnesses?
    • How are these injuries and illnesses being treated worldwide and are there common trends in optimizing care to increase performance?
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Anne Cox, Psychology of Physical Activity Lab
  • Research Interests: Physical activity motivation, body image, mindfulness
  • Current research questions:
    • How does being mindful during exercise impact the quality of exercise experiences, motivation, and body image?
    • What is the impact of movement-based intervention programs that incorporate mindfulness and self-compassion on adolescent girls’ psychological development?
    • How does practicing yoga support positive body image and physical activity motivation?
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Darryl Craig
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Krista Jones
Amanda McMahon
Phillip Morgan
Shikha Prashad, Cognitive Motor Neuroscience Lab
  • Research Interests: relationship between cognition and motor learning, brain dynamics of motor behavior, effect of aging and substance use on motor behavior
  • Current research questions:
    • What are the neurocognitive contributions to motor learning?
    • How does aging affect motor learning and how can we mitigate impacts?
    • How does cannabis use affect cognition, motor behavior, and brain activity?
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Sarah Ullrich-French, Psychology of Physical Activity Lab
  • Research Interests: physical activity motivation, physical activity for promoting wellbeing
  • Current research questions:
    • How does the context and experience of physical activity facilitate or undermine adaptive motivation for long-term adherence?
    • How can movement and physical activity be used as a mechanism for positive development and wellbeing?
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Jason Johnson – Department admin support
Alex Garcia – IT support
Kelly McGovern – Graduate office manager and Graduate Applications
  • Handles: any questions involving  grad applications, the logistics of navigating the grad program and grad school
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Jeanne Therrien – Smith Gym and PEB manager


Graduate Teaching Assistants