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College of Education

Chris Connolly

Chris Connolly

Chris Connolly

Assistant Professor

sport science
Pullman campus
Smith Gym 113B
pullman, WA  99164


Exercise Physiology & Performance Laboratory

Teaching/professional interests

Research interests

Dr. Connolly’s research focuses broadly on physical activity during pregnancy and the postpartum period.  His recent work is interdisciplinary and has drawn from health communication and sports psychology theory to examine some of the factors which may impede or enable pregnant women’s leisure-time physical activity behavior.  These include risk perceptions, efficacy beliefs, social support, pregnancy-induced nausea, and interactions with prenatal healthcare providers.  Dr. Connolly’s second research agenda involves the assessment of fitness levels and capacities among intercollegiate athletes.  More specifically, his interest lies in evaluating the physiological effects of specific training programs at various time points in the athletic season and the application of that data to improve performance during intercollegiate competition.

Recent accomplishments

  • Connolly, C.P., Feltz, D.L., & Pivarnik, J.M. (2014). Overcoming barriers to physical activity during pregnancy and the postpartum period: the potential impact of social support. Kinesiology Review, 3, 135-138.
  • Gregory, D.A., Pfeiffer, K.A., Vickers, K.E., Aubrey, A.I., Flynn, J.I., Connolly, C.P. & Coe, D.P. (2012). Physiologic responses to running with a jogging stroller. International Journal of Sports Medicine, 33(9), 711-715.
  • Steeves, J.A., Tyo, B.M., Connolly, C.P., Gregory, D.A., Stark, N.A., & Bassett, D.R. (2011). Validity and reliability of the Omron HJ-303 tri-axial accelerometer-based pedometer. Journal of Physical Activity and Health, 8(7), 1014-1020.
  • Connolly, C.P., Coe, D.P., Kendrick, J.M., Bassett, D.R., & Thompson, D.L. (2011). Accuracy of physical activity monitors in pregnant women. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 43(6), 1100-1105.

Educational background

  • Ph.D., Kinesiology, Michigan State University (2014)
  • M.S., Exercise Science, The University of Tennessee (2010)
  • B.S., Exercise Sciences, Brigham Young University (2008)
Washington State University