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College of Education

Sport Management Faculty and Staff

We have the best faculty in the wide world of sports.

Program Faculty
Tammy Crawford, Ph.D.
Athletics in Higher Education; Student-Athlete Development; Sport Sociology.

Scott Jedlicka, Ph.D.
Sport Policy and Governance; Sport ethics; Sport Sociology.

TaeHo Kim, Ph.D.
Sport Marketing; Consumer Engagement; Service Quality; Sport Consumer Behavior.

Chris Lebens, J.D.
Sport Law; Risk Management; Intellectual Property; Event and Facility Management.

Simon Ličen , Ph.D.
Media and Communication in Sport; Global Sport; Sport Policy; Sport Sociology.

Yong Chae Rhee, Ph.D.Graduate Program Coordinator; Sport Marketing; Sport Consumer Behavior;
Research Methods.

Donghyuk Shin, Ph.D,
Sport Sociology; Intercollegiate Athletics; Sport and Nationalism.

John Wong, Ph.D.
Program Coordinator; Organizational Theory and Behavior in Sport; Organizational Politics; Sport History.

Emeritus Faculty
Cathryn L. Claussen, J.D.
Professor Emeritus; Constitutional and Civil Rights Laws; Discrimination and First Amendment Issues in Sport.

Washington State University