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Washington State University
College of Education

Kinesiology Grad Program Application Process

The following assumes a Fall start…

  1. Learn about grad school at WSU the prior Fall
    • Make sure you meet all the university requirements
    • See here for the WSU grad school requirements
    • See here if you are an international student
    • Contact our college grad studies office if you have questions about the application process
    • Contact our grad director if you have questions about the program
  2. Find a potential faculty advisor
    • This is most important for thesis track, but we also encourage it for non-thesis track.
    • Here are a few things to ask the faculty when you contact them:
      • Make sure they have space in their lab or availability to take on another advisee.
      • Make sure they have the expertise (e.g. biomechanics, coaching, surveying, etc.) that interests you and will help you grow.
      • Make sure you have all the skills they are looking for in a potential advisee.
      • Make sure it is a good personality fit for you. You are going to be working a lot with this person over the next 2 years.
  3. Make sure you have all your stuff ready to apply
    • Letters of Rec…give your recommenders enough time (at least a month) to write a great letter
    • Written statements…take these seriously, answer all the questions thoroughly. 1-2 pages is typical.
    • Résumé or CV…don’t forget to personalize it for applying to our graduate program
  4. APPLY ⇐ Press the apply button here to start your application
    • Start this in December for a Fall start date
    • Priority deadline for Fall semester is January 10th and Spring semester is July 1st.
    • Please read the instructions on the Apply page so you know what documents to have when you apply
    • Make sure to apply before the priority deadline if you want to be considered for an assistantship
    • We do accept applications after the priority deadline though it may be on a space available basis.
      4.a. International Students
      • Depending on the country you are coming from, you will have a much longer process that needs to be started much earlier to get into the U.S.A. Your process may take around 6 months.
      • You will need to get a student visa, which will require an I-20, which is issued by the graduate school. The graduate school won’t process this until you have been accepted. So make sure you apply at the priority deadline.
      • You should work closely with the International Programs Office and the Graduate School to ensure your documents are processed in a timely manner to get here on time.
  5. Hear back about acceptance
    • This happens mid-Spring for those that applied at the priority deadline. If you applied after the priority deadline you will hear back later than mid-Spring (for August admission) or mid-Fall (for January admission)
    • If you marked in you application that you were interested in an assistantship, we will potentially be contacting you in Spring for more info or a teaching presentation. Teaching assistantships are usually assigned for the academic year starting in the Fall term. Other assistantships may start in the spring term.
    • You may be considered for a teaching assistantship in our program. If you are interested in a TA position, make sure you indicate that in your application
    • Assistantships are also available through UREC or other place around campus
  6. Make sure you accept your offer once you get it so we know you are coming
  7. Start looking for housing
    • Start as soon as you find out you are accepted. There are a lot of apartments but they go fast around Pullman
  8. Fly to Pullman to start classes
    • Flights directly into Pullman are limited and they fill up fast the week before classes start.
    • If you have an assistantship, you are probably expected (on contract) to be here a week before classes start. Check your contract for details.
    • You can fly to Lewiston if you can find a ride (about 30 minutes south)
    • You can fly to Spokane and take the regular bus down to Pullman (about an hour north)