College of Education

Ed leadership is a statewide program

WSU’s Educational Leadership program offers:

  • Graduate studies at the masters and doctoral levels. These offer specializations in the K-12 educational leadership.
  • Administrator certification programs for the superintendent, residency principal, and residency program administrator certificates.
Educational leadership programs are offered at all of WSU’s campuses (Pullman, Spokane, Tri-Cities, and Vancouver). All campuses offer the Educational Leadership masters degrees, certification programs, and access to the statewide doctor of education degree (Ed.D.). One-year residency at the Pullman campus is required for the doctor of philosophy degree (Ph.D.).

Above: Because Paul Elery wants to be a school district leader someday, he enrolled in WSU's superintendent certification program. He can do this while still on the job at Harvard Elementary in the Franklin Pierce School District.

Preparing future leaders

WSU Educational Leadership Program faculty are dedicated to meeting students’ needs as current and future K-12 educational leaders and to preparing future professors for work in academia.

The program provides a balance and integration of practical experience, theory, and research and aims to prepare educational leaders who function as scholar-practitioners.

WSU’s Educational Leadership program is one of 70 doctoral-granting programs nationwide selected for membership in the University Council for Educational Administration, a national consortium dedicated to the improvement of educational leadership preparation and practice. WSU’s graduate students have the opportunity to participate in UCEA’s annual convention and other professional activities.

WSU’s administrator certification programs are organized around the national ISLLC (Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium)standards, which have been adopted as the certification standards for Washington State licensure.. WSU’s innovative cohort-based and field-based certification programs for principals and superintendents promote a close professional network. Faculty members for certification programs have extensive experience as school principals and/or central office administrators.

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