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ISLP Program Overview

At this time the International School Leadership Program (ISLP) is suspended and not accepting applications.

The program is designed for school administrators, teachers, and educational staff at EARCOS International Schools who are interested in professional development, graduate education, and principal certification. The program prepares educators for leadership opportunities at EARCOS schools.

ISLP is based on a two-year cohort model that prepares participants for a State of Washington Principal’s Certificate and with additional coursework, a Master’s Degree. The Washington State Principal’s Certificate is recognized throughout the United States and is aligned with the latest standards from the National Educational Leadership Preparation (NELP) association. A Master’s Degree is required for Principal Certification in Washington State. Students who do not have a Master’s Degree may earn one as part of this program.

Courses are taught both online and on-site in conjunction with the fall and spring EARCOS conferences. The program is designed to accommodate full-time working professionals.

Students seeking only certification, take six classes for a total of 18 credit hours, along with 6 credit hours of internship. In practice, this amounts to two classes per semester, with six days of on-site, face-to-face instruction per semester at the fall and spring EARCOS conferences over a two-year period. Students seeking a master’s degree will take an additional 14 credits (12 credits of coursework + 2 credits for Master’s Exam).

Course Overview


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