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Washington State University
College of Education

Superintendent Certification

We’re the leader in making leaders

WSU’s Educational Leadership Program offers administrator certification programs for superintendent. All programs are fully accredited by Washington State and are designed to prepare educators to be successful leaders for K-12 school improvement. WSU’s certification programs are designed around the Washington State Standards/National Educational Leadership Program (NELP).

Superintendent certification program

WSU’s field-based superintendent’s certification program has been recognized nationally for its innovative structure and success in preparing K-12 school superintendents. The program is designed around the NELP Standards for School Leaders and emphasizes leadership for school improvement.

The two-year program includes four courses (12 semester credit hours) delivered through 16 weekend seminars conducted at locations around Washington State, as well as a two-year internship.

Highly experienced superintendents as well as WSU academic faculty members collaborate in designing and delivering the program.

WSU’s field-based superintendent’s certification program is administered through the Spokane campus, and more information (including program requirements and application procedures) can be obtained from the WSU Spokane website.