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Washington State University
College of Education

Student Teaching – Supervisors

Supervisor Documents and Resources


The university field supervisor is a member of the College of Education faculty who serves as a supervisor, mentor, coach, and advocate for the teacher candidate, a consultant for the mentor teacher, and a liaison between the college and public school. As a mentor, the field supervisor oversees the teacher candidate’s progress, provides guidance as the candidate reflects on their practice, and makes plans for moving forward systematically and developmentally. As a consultant, the supervisor facilitates ongoing communication and feedback regarding the teacher candidate’s effectiveness in the K-12 setting. To assist and support these responsibilities, please click the links below for access to required documents and helpful resources.


Student Teaching Internship Handbook

Field Supervisor Handbook

Student Teaching Internship Timeline

Required Paperwork Checklist


12-Hour Document

Professional Growth Plan

Weekly Conference Form


For any additional questions, please contact the Office of Field Services and Certification at