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College of Education

Sport Science – Practicum & Internship

KINES 390 – Fitness Practicum


KINES 390 Practicum in Fitness Facility or Fitness Research V 1 (0-3) to 4 (0-12) May be repeated for credit;    cumulative maximum 8 hours. Course Prerequisite: KINES 262 with a C or better; KINES 264 with a C or better. Supervised practicum or research. S, F grading.


Provide student with professional experiences that will help to:

  1. Connect classroom knowledge with hands on experience
  2. Assist student in choosing a professional path
  3. To improve the student knowledge of professional practices within their area of interest
  4. Assist students in beginning to make professional contacts

Site Contract:

Student must complete a practicum site contract before beginning the KINES 390 practicum.  Kinesiology 390 Practicum Contract

Please submit completed Liability Insurance Form & Practicum Contract to: Dr. Tami Goetz, 113E Smith Gym or PEB 101 faculty mailbox.

Where do students complete their practica?

Practicum Sites


KINES 485 – Kinesiology Internship


485 Kinesiology Internship V 10-12 Course Prerequisite: Certified major in Athletic Training, Health and Fitness, or Sport Science; limited enrollment to those with greater than 90 credits; by interview only. Supervised practicum in fitness or health agency or business. Typically offered Fall and Spring. S, F grading.


The objectives of the internship are that the student demonstrate:


  • To assist agencies in the creation of knowledge and to improve the working environment in a capacity that is consistent with the agency.
  • To become familiar with the administration, supervision, and day-to- day operations of the facility and programs in which they are working.
  • To work under supervisory personnel and follow designated guidelines and conditions prescribed.
  • To become more aware of current issues and trends in the field of interest.
  • To network and collaborate with entities who seek to achieve common goals.

Application of Learning:

  • To apply academic training to the real world settings with hands on projects and tasks.

Evaluation and assessment:

  • Demonstrate ability to apply the kinesiologist skill set
  • To evaluate own strengths and weaknesses within their respective field


Interns are to identify and propose an internship for approval that meets the following requirements.

  1. Each internship proposal will be evaluated and modified as needed by the Internship In order to meet timelines appropriately. It is REQUIRED that students submit proposal outlines in the semester prior to the planned internship to accommodate time needed for changes (see proposal instructions below).
  2. All major and minor coursework MUST BE completed prior to enrolling in the KINES 485 internship. Students cannot enroll in any other courses while taking the internship (fall, spring or summer).  Students must carefully organize their plan of study to culminate with KINES 485 internship.
  3. Internship hours CANNOT be retroactively applied for internship credit.  Internship hours must be culminating for students and completed while enrolled in KINES 485.  Current or past work sites cannot be used for the internship unless evidence of showing a shift to a leadership role or continued growth is documented, g., letter of support from supervisor. Students may go ANYWHERE for their internship.  Students are encouraged to explore challenging and new opportunities that relate to their professional development that can be paid or unpaid.
  4. Development of a major product/project by the student in cooperation and agreement with the agency supervisor is expected. A major product/project must be identified with the internship proposal and approved prior to starting the Example products/projects include: 1) organize, conduct and evaluate a specific program for the agency; 2) design, implement, manage and assess agency website; and 3) develop workout programs/lessons for leading trainings on topics relevant to the agency and industry. All products/projects must be professional in nature with detailed descriptions and reporting for the student’s professional portfolio.

Internship proposal

Students must submit their internship proposal (essay style, single spaced) the semester prior to starting an internship.  Students should start researching potential internship sites early (junior year or after KINES 390).

  1. Identification of a minimum of 10-12 internship credits (each credit = 45hrs) and expected weekly timeframe for completing hours (16 weeks in fall & spring or 12 weeks in summer),

2. Description of site, intern expected role, responsibilities and activities, site supervisor contact,

3. Description of how the internship is connected to the Sport Science Degree Program,

4. Identified 5 or more learning outcome goals during the internship that have been approved and can result in a major product/project.

Site Internship Affiliation Agreement:

Student must complete an internship Affiliation Agreement before beginning the KINES 485 internship.  Agreements are site specific and will be facilitated after the proposal is approved.

Please contact the Internship Coordinator with any questions.

Dr. Tami Goetz

Smith Gym, 113E

Pullman, WA 99164


Where do students complete their internships?



Current internship postings… (updated when new postings become available)

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