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KINES Practicum

KINES 390 – Fitness Practicum


KINES 390 Practicum in Fitness Facility or Fitness Research V 1 (0-3) to 4 (0-12) May be repeated for credit;    cumulative maximum 8 hours. Course Prerequisite: KINES 262 with a C or better; KINES 264 with a C or better. Supervised practicum or research. S, F grading.


Provide student with professional experiences that will help to:

  1. Connect classroom knowledge with hands on experience
  2. Assist student in choosing a professional path
  3. To improve the student knowledge of professional practices within their area of interest
  4. Assist students in beginning to make professional contacts

KINES 390 – Practicum (1 credit required) offered Fall, Spring, Summer


  • Students will research and contact a professional site to seek hours for on-site learning and experience.
  • Required course hours include: (35-40 hours on site / 5-10 hours spent on Blackboard Learn Course Assignments (1 credit = 45 hours total) Note: Student may enroll for up to 4 credits if they desire or need more than the minimum 1 required credit. Work with advisor to be sure.
  • Students may find sites that are related to the broad kinesiology field, allied healthcare and their future career interests or exploration. (see local to WSU list of ideas or think of similar home opportunities)
  • Site placements are dependent on the site staff availability and are highly competitive.
  • The type of learning experience for KINES 390 Practicum may be varied and include: volunteer job shadowing and observing – minimal hands on; project or program help and assisting; or actual work – hands on job tasks. Please note, a student must take on “more” responsibility or leadership opportunities if choosing a site in which they currently work or volunteer. The purpose of this course is to expand one’s resume and overall professional growth.

Students are required to provide and communicate with site and instructor the following information:

  • Dates available for placement. (know your schedule when contacting sites)
  • Total amount of hours expected for the volunteer / job experience.  (35-40 contact hours)
  • Major/area of interest.  (think of the learning goals you want to achieve while on site)
  • Reason for interest in volunteering/shadowing/observing/working. (do you have real interest in this career path or professional setting) Note: Site professionals want to engage students who are eager to learn and care to be present.

Site Contract:

Student must complete a practicum site contract before beginning the KINES 390 practicum.  KINESIOLOGY PRACTICUM CONTRACT, 2020

Please submit completed Liability Insurance Form Student Allied Health Liability Insurance payment document 071918 & Practicum Contract to:

Dr. Tami Goetz, 113E Smith Gym or PEB 101 faculty mailbox.

Where do students complete their practica?

Practicum Sites