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College of Education

Sport Management Graduate Degree Overview

We are experts in the field – both as practitioners and as researchers.

The program faculty are dedicated to meeting students’ needs as current and future leaders in a variety of sport settings within the sport industry. Given the growing economic and political significance of sport worldwide, there is a strong need for well-educated and professionally- trained sport managers to ensure that sport is managed and well delivered for the greater good of our global society. With that as our goal, the program provides a balance and integration of practical experience, theory, research, and policy.

Our degree is based in Pullman, and is designed to equip people to become or improve their skills as successful sport managers. It also enables graduates to find careers with such organizations as the NCAA, the Seattle Sports Commission, and the United States Tennis Association. Other graduates have worked for university athletics departments (in the areas of marketing, development, sales, sponsorship, administration, and compliance) and with university and community recreation programs as directors and coordinators of a variety of program areas. Still other graduates have established careers as directors of high school athletic programs or are working for professional sport teams.

The College of Education offers a Master of Arts (M.A.) in Sport Management in which students can choose either a thesis option or a non-thesis option.


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